MINI SWITCH Illuminates A Virtual Bobblehead Studio For The San Francisco Giants!

The San Francisco Giants unveiled a new augmented reality experience for their fans for the 2019 season. Located behind the centerfield bleachers of Oracle Park is the Hall of Bobbleheads, a bobblehead display that celebrates the history of Giants bobbleheads given away through the years. Now, thanks to designers at The Famous Group, fans will be able to create their own virtual bobblehead that they’ll receive via email. Plus, their new electronic bobblehead will also appear next to legendary players and celebrities on the 4’x12’ Bobblehead Wall of Fame video wall! Before any of that can happen, however, a photo must be taken, and those photos are illuminated by a DMG Lumière MINI SWITCH LED fixture.

Designers from The Famous Group first saw the MINI SWITCH at an open house hosted by Kinetic Lighting in May of 2019. While there were many incredible lighting options to consider for this project, they were focused on finding a light with an easy to use interface, tunable white LED chips to adjust the color temperature, as well as a wide beam spread to accommodate fans of all ages. The goal of the design was to allow fans to sit in front of a camera, pose briefly, and moments later have a complete digital rendering of their face on a San Francisco Giants bobblehead.

MINI SWITCH LED fixture Illuminates a small Augmented Reality studio.

MINI SWITCH LED fixture.After designers at The Famous Group saw the light at the open house, Kinetic arranged to get a MINI SWITCH demo unit sent to their Culver City headquarters so that they could perform camera tests with the fixture. The MINI SWITCH features over 1,000 LEDs and a frosted acrylic diffuser to produce a bright, flattering light output with CRI and TLCI ratings in the nineties – all of which helped the light pass their camera tests with flying colors.

MINI SWITCH driver accessory.They also had the chance to experience how user friendly the user interface of the fixture is. The MINI DRIVER Accessory features a single dial that controls both the color temperature and the light’s intensity, and the user can switch between the two with the push of a button. With no confusing menus to navigate, the designers saw immediately that any staff member, regardless of technical training, would be comfortable controlling the light.

The next time you’re taking in a Giants game at Oracle Park, make sure you track down the Hall of Bobbleheads (it’s inside Peet’s @Café) and create your own virtual bobblehead. To see more fantastic fan experiences created by The Famous Group, visit their website: If you’d like to learn more about the easy to use lighting technology they used to light up the Giants fans for their bobblehead photo, visit the MINI SWITCH product page on the DMG Lumière by Rosco website.

The Hall of Bobbleheads.

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