Creating An Immersive “Live Colour” Experience With MIX®

Visual Artist Liz West recently presented her new light installation “Live Colour” in partnership with The Domus Group during Clerkenwell Design Week – London’s annual design festival showcasing emerging designs from leading industry professionals. Using numerous DMG Lumière SL1 MIX LED fixtures, Liz created a vast colour environment that provided a unique opportunity for thousands of visitors to experience what it feels like to be immersed in pure colour.

MIX LED lights create Live Colour experience.“Live Colour” explored a recurrent theme that is fostered in many of Liz’s art installations – how does the relationship between colour and light affect people’s perceptions and emotions? Liz explained that “’Live Colour’ played with people’s individual perception of colour, challenging how they feel when immersed totally in one colour, then quickly drowned in another in deep contrast.” She also notes that “colour is a universal language that is understood by all, although we each brought to the work our individual memories and lived experiences of colour.”

While a number of Liz’s light installations feature Rosco colour filters, “Live Colour” was made entirely using the DMG Lumière MIX LED technology. Ten SL1 MIX fixtures were mounted close to the ceiling of a purpose-built white space to produce an even coverage of intense coloured light. The fixtures worked seamlessly to project six vivid colours - green, red, blue, pink, orange and white – in sequence. Each colour lasted 22 seconds, the time it takes the eyes to adjust to each hue, before it transitioned to the next.

Liz created her own colours using the Color Mode on the SL1 MIX fixtures. “I set my own colours for Live Colour, I spent time tweaking and mixing the palette to achieve the desired effect on the viewer – an eye-popping experiential encounter.” Liz highlighted that the MIX’s selection of saturated colours and its diffused, even light output made it the ideal choice for this project: “The fixtures allowed for a wide and uniform spread of saturated coloured light in a large space, they also produced the desired luminosity and intensity of light."

To learn more about Liz West’s captivating light installations, follow her on Instagram - @lizweststudio – and visit her website For more information about the product Liz West used to illuminate “Live Colour,” her large-scale, immersive colour environment, explore the SL1 MIX product page on the DMG Lumière by Rosco website.

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