Adagio Tour™ Continues To Roll Out The Competition Floor For Leap!

Drew Vamosi is the Executive Director of Leap! National Dance Competition. Back in 2011, he reached out to Rosco to discuss the best flooring options for his dancers. Because his competition travels to 14 different cities across the United States, Drew determined that our Adagio Tour Floor was the best option. Recently, Drew reached back out to us to tell us how, after eight seasons, his Adagio Tour is still performing marvelously.

When I began Leap! National Dance Competition, I knew that I had to put together a “top-notch” competition with all the best elements I could implement, including sound, lighting, and of course flooring. I was used to the traditional dance floor coverings that made performances better by providing a “non-slick” surface for turning and tumbling. However, almost every floor tended to be unforgiving when it came to the tap category.

Dancers performing on Rosco Adagio Tour dance floor.The sounds were dull, and the stage had to be set up with numerous microphones just to get what little sound was possible. That’s when I called around to see what was new on the market that could provide everything that was required to create great flooring for our competition. Rosco met that challenge. We chose their Adagio Tour Floor.

It has been absolutely wonderful! We have used the same rolls for eight years now. The floor has held up quite well despite all the different set pieces that are rolled on and off the floor in each city on our national tour. We have found the Adagio Tour floor is very easy to roll out and tape down to the stage. It takes no time at all and lays flat quickly... even after being on the equipment truck during cold weather.

After the competition concludes and it’s time to load everything back on our truck, we just roll it right up and store each individual piece in its own case. I decided to use large display banner cases with wheels and handles (shown left) so anyone could easily roll them to and from the stage in each city.

The fact that the Adagio Tour is so light makes touring that much easier. In fact, many of our crew members can lift a roll by themselves with no problem. Being so lightweight yet durable really makes the difference for us and the dancers. The contestants can turn, leap, and tumble without worrying about slipping, and our tappers get both the action and audible sounds they need during their performances!

Rosco Adagio Tour provides a safe, effective, performance-quality surface that meets and exceeds all of our flooring needs. I can’t imagine touring without it.

If you’re interested in participating in an upcoming season of Leap!, visit their website: There you can see if they are coming to a city near you and register to compete. If you’d like to learn more about the floor that Drew and his dancers have been relying on for the past eight seasons, visit the Adagio Tour product page on the Rosco website.

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