Painting Murals For A Public Art Tour With Off Broadway Paint

In Fall 2018, Fresco Exchange, an organization whose aim is “to promote and connect artists on an international scale,” brought together muralists from Latin America and the US to embark on a public art tour from Boston to San Francisco. All along the way, the murals that were created told a story about the community they were intervening. In Albuquerque, for example, the artists recreated the unique landscape and incorporated messages of hope, and in the city of Palm Desert, the muralists recreated underwater scenes alongside the city’s aquatic center. Below, Fresco Exchange’s Charlotte Maher shares why Rosco Off Broadway Scenic Paint is an excellent choice for painting murals.

painting muralsAs we planned the Fresco Exchange Public Art Tour, we were excited to see the vibrant colors of the Rosco Off Broadway paint stand out wonderfully in public art settings. Its high pigmentation allowed for successful color mixing. "I was so impressed the first time I used Rosco paint,” said muralist Ivan Salazar. “For me, the Off Broadway line offers creative characteristics that really impact my artwork. The colors are really bright and the matte effect is amazing. The quality was definitely apparent in my murals."

painting muralsWe launched our itinerary in Salem, Massachusetts with the Punto Urban Art Museum, debuting a four-story collaborative mural by Felipe Ortiz and Ivan Salazar. This initial artwork features a local woman from the Salem community, one of the “unsung heroes” that our artists often like to commemorate. “The strong pigmentation and vibrancy of the paint take this mural to the next level,” said Felipe Ortiz, “I’ve used Rosco's Off Broadway product line for years. The sunsets and nature scenes that I paint really come to life thanks to all of the color vibrancy. The paint mixes well and has a uniquely smooth texture that is great for both my murals and my fine art paintings."

painting muralsFelipe’s fine art experiments with Off Broadway began with his “Explosive Nature” series, which captures his native Colombia in large paintings that combine colorful explosions with detailed natural imagery. He was so impressed with the matte effect of the Rosco paint, that he began using Rosco paint in his indoor murals, such as a 30-foot piece inside the Fuller Craft Museum.

Knowing that the paint was developed for the stage, we had a lot of questions about its sustainability outside. After experimentation and testing, we coated the outdoor murals with transparent, flat glazes for water protection and penetrating sealants for UV and weather resistance.

Once the tour had concluded, the Fresco Exchange artists had not only created vibrant murals throughout the United States, they had also introduced muralists along the way to Rosco Off Broadway Scenic Paint. “We were thrilled to introduce more artists to our secret sauce,” said Ivan Salazar.

If you’d like to learn more about the artists and mission of Fresco Exchange, explore their website: If you’d like to learn more about the paints they used painting murals during their Fall, 2018 tour – visit the Off Broadway product page on the Rosco website

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