The Color Evolution Continues To Grow

Introducing the DMG Lumière MAXI MIX® LED fixture!

The newest light featuring our award-winning MIX LED technology is MAXI MIX. Featuring the same proprietary combination of Red, Green, Lime, Amber, White and Blue emitters as the MINI MIX and SL1 MIX, the MAXI MIX will produce the True Rosco Color™ that filmmakers have come to appreciate.

The MAXI MIX also utilizes the same easy-to-use interface that enables cinematographers, gaffers and studio lighting professionals to easily modify the intensity, hue and saturation of their light, select their color temperature and green/magenta shift, or choose their favorite Rosco gel color - all via the fixture’s on-board controls or via the myMIX app.

The 47”x14”x3.3” (1200mm x 360mm x 85mm) fixture produces an impressive 7550 Lux (@1M @5500K) and can be tiled together with other MAXI MIX fixtures to create a massive wall of light.

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