Two Lighting Solutions For Exhibits With Low Ceilings

The making of the world-famous Emmentaler cheese can be traced back to the 12th century in the Swiss Emme valley. And now, thanks to the Königsweg tour inside the Emmentaler show dairy in Affoltern, Switzerland, visitors can learn more about the history, production process and the secret of the cheese’s characteristically large holes – all while savoring the distinctive nutty flavor of the delicious Emmentaler cheese. Comprised of eight rooms inside the cellar, the attraction includes dioramas and other exhibits that are illuminated by Rosco Miro and Pica Cubes to showcase the dairy’s history by enhancing the displays with dramatic lighting.

Tokyoblue GmbH, in collaboration with Steiner Sarnen Switzerland, created the lighting design for the tour. One of the main challenges they faced was how to properly illuminate a 400m2 basement with a low ceiling. The designers required compact and powerful fixtures that could be integrated easily and discreetly into the ceiling in order to provide the bright, soft white and vivid, colorful light they needed to properly illuminate the exhibition.

Rosco Pica Cubes, mounted discreetly on the ceiling tracks, provide bright and colorful illumination inside the multimedia room.

Tokyoblue Lighting Designer Serge Schmuki explains that Rosco’s Cube LED solutions were the only option for them because “the rooms are maximum 2,3m high. We could only plan with Rosco Miro and Pica Cubes - all other devices with the same features were too big.” Serge continued, “the cubes’ small size, high lumen output, good colour reproduction, easy programming and elegant housing made them ideal fixtures for this project.”

The Pica Cube 4C fixtures blend perfectly with the output from the Pica Cube WNC fixtures to create an attractive white light.

A combination of 50 Pica Cube 4C and Pica Cube WNC fixtures were installed on ceiling tracks to provide white light and changing colors from the fixture’s discreet, 2.5 inch (63.5mm) cubed housing. Serge also specified Pica Cube Egg Crate Louvers for the fixtures to control the beam and provide pleasant, glare-free illumination.

Miro Cube 4C fixtures enhance the mood of the changing scenery with a mix of crisp, bright colors.

Tokyo Blue also specified 34 Miro Cube 4C fixtures in the ARC configuration, which features a hard-wired pigtail and recessed RJ45 connectivity for architectural and permanent installations. “The architectural version of Miro Cube 4C is easy to wire and assemble for electricians and installers,” Serge commented. He also appreciated having a variety of Miro Cube Spread Lenses and Egg Crate Louvers to control and diffuse the beam of light.

If you are planning a trip to Switzerland and would like to experience the world of Emmentaler cheese, don’t miss the Königsweg tour at the Emmentaler Show Dairy. To learn more about the fixtures Tokyo Blue used to enhance the visitors’ Emmentaler cheese experience inside the dairy’s cellar, you can explore the Rosco Cube Family page on our website and find the right Cube LED fixture for your next project.

All on-site photos provided by Emmentaler Switzerland AOP

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