Painting The Pavement With Projected Kandinsky Artwork

The Artequin Museum is an interactive and educational museum located in Santiago de Chile whose mission is to bring the world of contemporary art closer to children, young people and adults. Housed in a national historic landmark Paris Pavilion, the museum recently celebrated its 25th anniversary with a newly renovated entrance plaza “La Plaza De La Luz y el Arte Enel” that aims to engage the public in a unique experience of colour, sound and form inspired by Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky. As guests enter the plaza, they’re greeted by Kandinsky-inspired projections that are created by Rosco Image Spot fixtures and Custom Glass Gobos.

Drawing on Kandinsky’s evocative use of colour and form, Chilean Lighting Designer Paulina Villalobos illuminated a space of over 1000m2 with interactive games, changing colours on the museum façade and two gobo projections based on the Kandinsky painting “Sky Blue.” The original painting features organic and flexible forms that appear to be dancing in the sky. These characters were implemented into a Multi-Color Glass Gobo design and projected, using Rosco’s Image Spot fixtures.

Wassily Kandinsky’s “Sky Blue” painting (L) and the Custom Multi-Color Glass Gobo it inspired (R)

“The residents of the Kandinsky work ‘Sky Blue’ are taken from its pictorial context and transformed into projected light at the entrance,” said Paulina Villalobos. “These characters that paint the pavement are the ones that invite visitors to enter the plaza and then through the entrance stairs welcome visitors to the museum. It is light converted in form.”

The Kandinsky inspired gobo in the plaza entrance (L) and on the museum stairs (R)

Villalobos chose the compact and powerful Rosco Image Spot® LED gobo projector for this project because she determined that the fixture's bright output and crystal-clear optics – coupled with Rosco’s unsurpassed glass gobo quality – would ensure accurate projection of Kandinsky’s colours and shapes.

Two Rosco Image Spot IP-65/DMX Tungsten White 3000 LED projectors with 30° Lens Optics were specified and installed on the top of light poles in the plaza. Villalobos also specified white housings for the fixtures so that the two Image Spots would blend harmoniously with the other lighting elements. The IP65-rated fixtures provide brilliant performance in all weather conditions, including Santiago’s warm dry summers and its cool, humid winters.

Using a mere 45W of power, the Image Spot 3000K projectors also meet the museum’s energy conservation requirements, which made the Artequin the first sustainable museum in the country. “I used Rosco Image Spot 3000K model to bring to life the residents of Kandinsky Blue Sky”, Paulina said, “because this color temperature is more respectful towards environment and human health in nocturnal ambience.”

For more information about the Artequin Museum and the guided night tours at Plaza De La Luz y el Arte Enel, visit the museum’s website If you’d like to learn more about the products that Paulina Villalobos used to create her Kandinsky projections, visit the Image Spot and the Custom Gobo product pages on the Rosco website.


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