Farewell To Eric Tishman – Three Decades Of Incomparable Service

“The definition of Rosco is its people – starting with Mr. Miller on down.” That was how Eric Tishman, my longtime colleague and friend, described the company he’s worked at for over 30 years during an interview on his final day at Rosco in early January, 2019. Below are some excerpts from that interview along with other recollections of Eric’s stellar career at Rosco.

Eric was originally hired in 1987 to be Rosco’s Product Manager for its growing range of Fog Products. In those days, Rosco was a smaller company and, as Eric recalled, “many people were called on to do double-duty.” Notably, in Eric’s case, he acted as salesman helping to secure orders from theaters and theme parks, and he also managed other products like Rosco’s line of Stage Pin Connectors. But the industry primarily came to know Eric as the Fog Product Manager at Rosco.

When he began working at Rosco in the late eighties, fog was such a new technology that most of Eric’s work was assuring customers that it truly was safe. This eventually led Eric to be a part of the ESTA Technical Standards Committee and he’s proud of the role he played in helping set the standards for their Fog Testing Program, which is still in place today.

In his role as Fog Product Manager, and later in his role as Rosco’s Director of International Business Development – Latin America, Eric has been a global ambassador for Rosco all around the globe. Whether it was commissioning a new Intelligent Fog System in Paris, training the Rosco sales team in the UK office, or ensuring a museum in Chile received the Image Spots they specified in time for their opening – Eric forged relationships wherever he went.

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“Eric has never lacked passion,” stated Rosco’s CEO, Mark Engel. “This, combined with the expertise, calm demeanor and maturity he developed over the course of his 30+ years at Rosco, positioned him to be a leader and mentor to many at Rosco.”

In retirement, Eric looks forward to spending more time with his grandchildren and has begun learning how to speak Russian “for the fun of it.” Stan Miller described Eric’s career at Rosco as a “consistent story of success,” which Eric should take great pride in. Rosco will be a different company without him and it’s certainly a better company because of him. Thank you for 31 years of success and friendship Eric – we all wish you well.

Eric, like many of us at Rosco, turned a job into a decades-long career. We are always seeking intelligent, self-starters like Eric that have a focus on their customers to work at Rosco. Visit our Careers Page to see if there is an opening at Rosco that’s right for you.

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