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To showcase the features of our new DMG Lumière MIX LED technology, we hired Director of Photography, Andy Van den Eynde, to shoot a short music video with an emphasis on strong, colorful lighting. Below, Andy and his gaffer – Rosco’s Frank Lambrechts – discuss how the MIX LED fixtures and the myMIX™ mobile App expedited the workflow of their video shoot. Continue reading to learn how to evolve your workflow with MIX!

A behind the scenes look at how our music video was lit with MIX

The setting of our short music video was a small apartment in Chicago. According to Andy, “color would serve as the key element to add contrast and drama to the story and scene.” Motivating those colors would be the feel of cool white fluorescent in the hallway outside the door of our set, and a large “Chicago” sign outside would cast a reddish-orange glow through the window.

evolve your workflowFrank set up a MINI MIX behind the door to produce the bluish-green feel of the cool white fluorescent seen through the doorway window. He rigged an additional SL1 MIX above the door to provide additional matching accent light into the scene.

evolve your workflow

To create the color of the light, Andy used the myMIX App to put the two fixtures into Gel Mode, set them to 5500K and then selected R2005 – Storaro Cyan from the fixture’s library of Rosco gel colors.

Once the initial hue was established, Andy was able to adjust the color by adding a little more green into the scene.

Andy Van den Eynde: “Using the myMIX App, we were able to quickly choose the correct color on the go - without having to change out gels, which would have taken a lot of time.”

Andy and Frank also both reported how excited they were that they could make those changes while watching the results in real-time on the set monitor.

In order to create the orangish glow through the outside window of the set, Frank used the myMIX App to take a photo of the Chicago sign. From there, he was able to select the reddish-orange hue inside that photo, and then he sent that color to the MINI MIX that was aimed through the window.

Once the color was selected, Frank used the myMIX App to adjust the light’s output. He noted how easy it was to control the intensity of the fixture and the saturation of the color from his phone. “Because the on-screen controls are so large, I was able to make those adjustments while looking at the scene – not at my phone.”

The MIX LED Technology not only enabled Andy and Frank to be fast and flexible – but creative as well. The shoot was storyboarded, but they didn’t pick the final colors until they were on set. Using the LED technology from DMG Lumière by Rosco, they were able to step into this set, quickly create the colors they determined the video needed, and then load everything back out – all in one day.

Watch the final music video that Andy Van den Eynde created with MIX below!

myMIX is the next evolution of set lighting workflow. It offers filmmakers complete color control in the palm of their hand. Using a mobile device, they can easily mix together or capture the color their scene requires, save that customized color to their own personalized library in the cloud, and then share those colors with anyone on their team that needs them. myMIX is available for both iOS & Android devices. Evolve your workflow - download the myMIX app today!

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