Bowlero Captures The Nostalgia Of Neon With RoscoSleeves

Bowlero Corporation (formerly known as Bowlmor AMF) is the largest owner and operator of bowling centers in the world. Since its merger with AMF Bowling Worldwide in 2013 and acquisition of Brunswick bowling centers in 2014, the US-based bowling giant has invested in converting and revamping traditional bowling alleys into world-class entertainment destinations. As a part of its effort to reimagine the bowling experience, the company recently installed over 12,000 RoscoSleeves inside Bowlero properties across the United States to foster the edgy, vibrant look that epitomizes the brand’s character.

“We have become leaders in the hospitality industry by investing so much in design.”
– Andres Restrepo, V.P. of Concept Development, Bowlero Corporation

The RoscoSleeves, which were supplied by Regency Lighting, are installed on existing T8 and T12 fluorescent fixtures in the ceiling and along the walls to create an attractive, colorful lighting scheme that seamlessly integrates into the retro-modern design that Bowlero Corporation developed. Below, Andres Restrepo, V.P. of Concept Development, explains how RoscoSleeves provided a cost-efficient solution for executing his design concept for Bowlero.

After the merger between Bowlmor and AMF, I was tasked with creating a new brand aimed at reimagining the bowling experience for our retail patrons. Our plan was to create a social arena that enhanced bowling in every single aspect: better food, better drinks, and an iconic and unique approach to design. We wanted to manufacture memorable experiences for our patrons using design as our core attraction. Under that premise, Bowlero was officially born in 2014 with the opening of the Woodlands, Texas location. The concept has grown exponentially in the past four years with over 60 Bowleros nationwide and another 75 projected to open within the next two years.

The Bowlero concept mixes elements from different eras and design schools, but we recognized that lighting dictates the mood within a space and has the absolute power to transform it. We created an eclectic and vibrant look using a combination of street art and artisanal and vintage fixtures as well as industrial finishes and repurposed elements. Within our scheme, lighting became the element that harmonized the design and acted as a catalyst within the space. We wanted to create different layers of lighting and elevate the fixtures to something way beyond their ordinary, utilitarian purpose.

Rosco color filters played a fundamental role in the final outcome of our lighting design. By using RoscoSleeves, we were able to transform a simple fluorescent light into a bespoke light fixture that mimics the vibrancy and edginess of neon, while maintaining cost efficiency and low-energy consumption.

The effect we achieved using fluorescent fixtures with RoscoSleeves is much closer to the neon look we were striving to replicate. We found that LEDs did not give us the punch we needed. When we renovate older venues, we reutilize existing fluorescent fixtures that we transform using RoscoSleeves. It is a cost-efficient solution and the perfect way to avoid replacing the whole lighting scheme. The flexibility of inserting any Rosco Color Filter into the sleeve also enables a wide range of applications and customization levels, which is an immense added value to the product.

Before I became the V.P. of Concept Development for Bowlero Corporation, I worked in NYC as a lighting assistant for small live-music venues. I learned a lot of different tricks from seasoned lighting veterans and the one thing we always had available in our toolbox were at least a few rolls/sheets of Rosco gels. I took that knowledge with me when I came to Bowlero Corporation, and Rosco has become a staple of our lighting design ever since.

If you would like to learn more about the product Bowlero Corporation used to create an edgy, retro-inspired vibe inside its Bowlero properties, visit the RoscoSleeves product page on our website.

Images of Bowlero North Scottsdale
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    What Rosco filter color did they use to get the orange neon effect?

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  2. Joel Svendsen

    Hello Bill –
    Thanks for your comment. It’s a custom color combination that the designers asked us to keep confidential. It’s nice effect though, isn’t it?

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