MIX® From DMG Lumière by Rosco Be A Part Of The Color Evolution

Introducing MIX - Winner of the 2018 Cine Gear Technical Award for Lighting Technology -  from DMG Lumière by Rosco. This LED technology will change how filmmakers create colored light on set.

Since the dawn of colored cinema, set lighting professionals have put Rosco gels on tungsten or daylight balanced fixtures to create colored light. That time-honored process has recently shifted to color-mixing LED technology, which has its own limitations. MIX, like any fixture engineered by DMG Lumière, was designed by technicians for technicians to address the issues that set lighting crew members have voiced about the color-mixing LED fixtures they’re working with today. The features of the new MIX LED technology provide superior color, easy-to-use control interfaces and other innovative solutions that enable filmmakers to create the precise color of light they want while speeding up their workflow.

True Rosco Color Inside

MIX provides the best Rosco gel matches of any color-mixing LED source. Other LED lights claim to create Rosco gel matches and, in some cases, they’re successful at it. There are some colors, however, that those lights just can’t make – usually because they’re limited by the color space of their LEDs.

MIX blends together six LEDs: Red + Lime + Green + Blue + Amber + White. This enables it to generate a wider gamut of colors than RGBW or RGBA fixtures. In addition, the Red and Lime emitters in the array are manufactured exclusively for MIX – meaning that it can create colors, tones, and hues that are only available from a MIX light.

Every Rosco gel color in the MIX library has been authenticated by Rosco’s color experts as a match on tungsten and daylight sources – by eye, by meter, and by camera. In addition, the MIX control software also allows you to set the base color temperature of the light before adding color. Roscolux #18 Flame, for example, looks completely different on a tungsten light than it does on a daylight source. By allowing filmmakers to select the color temperature of the MIX before selecting the color, the fixture provides more accurate gel matches to other fixtures on set.


Enhanced Lighting Workflow

The set lighting technicians at DMG Lumière know that speed is of the essence when you’re on set. This was the key factor when designing the user interface for MIX. There are no menus! Simply choose between three different modes and then choose the color temperature, color or Rosco gel color you desire from there.

Gel Mode: Not only are you able to select from a vast library of Rosco gel colors, you’re also able to modify the hue, saturation, and green/magenta shift of the gel color as-needed.

White Mode: Access a wide range of tunable white light from daylight to tungsten, including precise green/magenta correction.

Color Mode: Navigate through the MIX color space using the 360° hue wheel to choose a color and then set the intensity of the light output. MIX also offers the ability to desaturate colors toward several different color temperatures of white light to create different tones of the base hue.


Be Part Of A Community With The myMIX App

The myMIX App will allow filmmakers to easily control their MIX LED fixtures from their mobile device – and so much more! Whether you’re mixing your own colors from scratch, or modifying a Rosco gel color you’ve chosen – you can mix the color you need using the myMIX App. From there, you can save those colors into your own personal library of colors in the cloud to call up whenever you need them in the future.

You can also share your personal color mixes with any friend or crew member that also has the myMIX App. This is a great way for cinematographers to share colors with 2nd unit or for gaffers to communicate color choices with their set lighting technicians.

Have you ever seen a color in the real world or on a location scout and wanted to recreate that color as light on set? The myMIX App allows you to capture that color and then send it to your MIX LED lights. If the color isn’t quite right – no worries. Just like any other MIX color, you can adjust the hue, intensity, and saturation of your captured color until it’s exactly what you need – then save it to your library.

LED technology changes quickly – and MIX will be no exception. For example, we will be continually adding more color temperatures, hues and Rosco gel colors to the on-board library of MIX presets. Technicians will easily be able to update the firmware of their MIX LED light using the myMIX App.


Get In The Mix

Just like the original SWITCH fixtures from DMG Lumière, the MIX will eventually be available in three sizes: MINI, SL1, and MAXI. The MINI and the SL1 MIX fixtures will be first to roll out and the MAXI MIX will be available soon after. All MIX fixtures will also be compatible with all of the popular DMG Lumière SWITCH accessories, including: The Dome, SNAPBAG, SNAPGRID and the Quickfit Handle.

MIX is the perfect combination of Rosco’s 100+ years of color expertise + the cutting-edge LED technology from DMG Lumière. The MIX technology will be available early Summer, 2018. Contact your Rosco/ DMG Lumière dealer and pre-order your MIX today!



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