Miro Cube® UV Energizes “The Power Of Rock”

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio pays tribute to the most famous and influential artists in the rock industry. The museum recently unveiled their new multi-million dollar Connor Theater that features The Power of Rock Experience – an immersive, state-of-the-art exhibition that features several Rosco Miro Cube UV LED fixtures inside.

Created by the experience design and production agency, BRC Imagination Arts, The Power of Rock Experience is a three-part exhibit that immerses the audiences into the Hall of Fame’s legendary induction ceremonies. It consists of a pre-show, the Power of Rock film by Jonathan Demme, and an exhibition that showcases items worn and used by artists during their induction ceremonies.

After the film finishes, the visitors exit the theater into a dark hallway where the fans are greeted by floor-to-ceiling UV-print graphics featuring Rock Hall of Fame legends and quotes from their induction speeches. The BRC Imagination Arts design team wanted to keep the hallway dark so it wouldn’t interfere with the light show happening in the theater. In order to highlight the graphics while keeping the light levels down, they used specialized graphics that were designed to be illuminated by UV-black light.

Aiming to create a natural look rather than black light effect, the design team paid special attention to finding the perfect combination of fluorescent inks and UV lights – which led them to choose our Rosco Miro Cube UV LED fixtures. Edward Hodge, Creative Technical Director at BRC, said: “We chose the Miro Cube UV because of our relationship with Rosco and the fact that Miro Cubes provide almost true UV.”

To learn more about The Power of Rock Experience, visit the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame website. If you’d like to learn more the compact and powerful LED black lights that BRC Imagination Arts used in this installation, visit the Miro Cube UV product page on our website.

The above visitor experience, along with its photos, was created, developed and produced by BRC Imagination Arts.



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