What Is The Perfect Light?

Light Collective, a UK based creative lighting consultancy, recently released a documentary - The Perfect Light Project - which asks lighting designers around the globe this very question: what is the perfect light? To carry out this worldwide interview project, the company’s co-founders, Sharon Stammers and Martin Lupton, needed an effective light source that would allow them to adequately light their subjects and travel easily to all of their locations. The bi-color LED fixtures inside the Rosco LitePad Vector Backpack Kit CCT proved to be the perfect lights for The Perfect Light Project.

Sharon and Martin travelled to different countries and talked to lighting designers, scientists, artists and sociologists about light, lighting design and light sources. Rosco’s LitePad Vector Backpack Kit offered the flexibility and adaptability features that they required.

Enrique Peiniger, Founder & Chief Innovator, Office for Visual Interaction – OVI

The bright output and soft, even illumination of the LitePad Vector CCT ensured excellent results in any environment. Some of the spaces they filmed in were very small and tight, but the small footprint of the Vector meant they could make it work in most spaces.

John Lau, Managing Director, Firefly Lighting Design

Lightweight and portable, the LitePad Vector Backpack Kit provided easy two-point lighting for their interviews. The fixtures could be plugged into any outlet around the globe or powered using standard Anton/Bauer or V-Mount batteries.

Lisa Ishii, Director, I.C.O.N.

The on-board controls allowed precise dimming and color temperature adjustment (3000K - 6000K) to match any existing lighting condition. The Light Collective team would set one fixture to 3000K and the other fixture to 5000K in a "triangular/cross lighting setup," which provided contrast on the subject's face. Anytime there was natural light in the space, they would place the 5500K fixture on that side.

Mark Major, Principal, Speirs + Major

After the project was complete, Lupton and Stammers shared with us how impressed they were with the LitePad Vector's performance.


Paul Gregory, Director, Focus Lighting


Martin Lupton: “I've got to say it was amazing, we took it to Japan, USA, France, Germany and Italy and it worked flawlessly in every location.  It was really robust and the colour/brightness control meant it could be adapted to any situation we found ourselves in.”

Sharon Stammers: "The Vector luminaire was a perfect choice for the Perfect Light Project. We were able to pack it away in a suitcase and take it to 20 interviews in different countries. The dimming and tunable white LED facilities made it easy to balance the interview lighting in all sorts of different lighting conditions.”

The Perfect Light Project was supported by Citizen. To learn more about Light Collective visit their website www.lightcollective.net. If you would like to watch their informative and engaging documentary, you can request a DVD at perfectlightproject.com.

Sharon Stammers interviewing Roger Narboni, Director at Concepto

To learn more about the light fixture Sharon and Martin used for their location interviews, visit the 2-Head LitePad Vector Backpack Kit product page on the Rosco website.

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