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When VIETV TV, a television network that provides cultural connection and news for Vietnamese families living in America, decided to build a new Houston studio, they based its design on their Dallas studio. John Ngo, the nationwide technology manager at VIETV who had previously designed the Dallas studio, was charged with conceptualizing the new Houston studio. John had lit a number of the scenic elements inside the Dallas studio with LED tape. This time, however, he found our RoscoLED Tape made his job much easier when it came time to employ the same techniques inside the new Houston studio.

John’s design called out for color-mixing RGBW LED tape to be installed in three areas on his set – inside the U-shaped band in the background, along the front of the desktop edge and as the horizontal highlights in the desk pillars. Using his experience from the Dallas Studio as his guide, John ordered the same amount of LED tape as he did last time – only this time he ordered our RoscoLED Tape VariColor Kits.

John first learned about RoscoLED Tape when he saw it our booth at NAB. The feature that caught his attention at that point was the plug-and-play connectors on the end of the RoscoLED Tape reels, and how they would make installation much simpler by removing hours of soldering time. The RoscoLED Tape VariColor: RGB+W Kits that John ordered each came with one RoscoLED Control Box and three 5m reels of color-mixing LED tape with the plug-&-play connectors. He used one kit to light the large U-shaped band in the background and another kit to light all of the elements in the desk.

John also reported how much brighter the RoscoLED Tape was than the product he used in the Dallas studio. He ended up using half as much LED tape in the Houston studio than he did last time. The U-shaped band in Dallas, for example, necessitated 2-3 strips of LED tape. John was able to get the same light level with just one strip of RoscoLED Tape centered in the middle of the 11” high band. This left John with extra RoscoLED Tape Kits, which he already has plans to install in another studio.

If you’d like to learn more about the product that John Ngo used to illuminate his VIETV-Houston set – visit the RoscoLED Tape VariColor Kits page on our website.

Joel Svendsen January 25, 2018 Questions?

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