Spacing Out - Lighting Small Spaces with RoscoLED® Tape

Jay P. Morgan posted a lesson on The Slanted Lens about how to light in small spaces. To illustrate this common issue, he used our RoscoLED Tape VariWhite Gaffer Kit to illuminate the inside of an astronaut helmet on a recent, space-themed shoot.

The RoscoLED Tape VariWhite Gaffer Kit features an assortment of bi-color, 12v RoscoLED Tape Strips and Tiles that enable image capture professionals to dial in the color temperature they need for their shot. Using the double-stick tape found on the RoscoLED Tape, Jay P. mounted the two 12-inch (30cm) strips from the kit inside the helmet so that he could establish a key light on his model’s face.

The RoscoLED VariWhite Kit comes with two dimmers – a hardwired, 2-Channel Dimmer with faders, and a wireless 2-Channel RF Remote. Both allow you to control the individual output of the cool & warm LEDs on the VariWhite Strips and Tiles to establish the color temperature and brightness level of the light. Jay P. mounted the strips along the upper and lower line of the helmet and controlled them separately – allowing him to make the upper part of the helmet just a little brighter than the lower.

It’s worth noting that Jay P. used several other Rosco products in his shot. He had three of our LitePad Vector CCT LED lights with Full CTB Cinegel filters s positioned just out of frame on either side of the model to add a cool-colored rim light. He also added a piece of Roscolux #19 Fire on the backlight, along with some hazey fog from his Vapour Fog Machine to add in a reddish haze.

The next time you need to light the inside of a helmet, a microwave, a briefcase or any other small space – the RoscoLED Tape VariWhite Gaffer Kit has the perfect tools for the job. Explore the VariWhite Gaffer Kit product page on our website to learn more about the products Jay P. used to light up his space helmet, and be sure to visit to see his entire tutorial.


Joel Svendsen December 07, 2017 Questions?

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