Retail Lighting Design That Is Light, Bright & Effortlessly Chic

Retail store lighting plays an important role in creating brand-image and influencing the in-store experience to increase sales. A wonderful example of this is Paige – a newly-opened denim boutique in Brentwood, CA. The store has a number of Rosco Pica Cube WNC LED fixtures installed to create an efficient, functional and aesthetic lighting design that reinforces the store’s brand message, while also highlighting its products and enhancing its customer’s experience.

In a press release, the Paige brand’s founder Paige Adams-Geller described the spirit of the store as “…light, bright and effortlessly chic with a cool rock n roll edge.” Stephen Terry and Kimberlee Winters, designers from STLX Lighting Design, collaborated closely with Adams-Geller, and the interior design firm Maxwood Co., to find fixtures that would not only deliver the needed quantity and quality of light, but would also meet that ‘Light, Bright, Rock n Roll Chic’ aesthetic. They ended up discovering the Rosco Pica Cube WNC, which fulfilled all of their requirements. According to the STLX Lighting Design team, they had four design goals that the Pica Cubes helped them accomplish:

#1 – Highlight the Paige denim products in a nice soft white light with high CRI that would deliver the true colors and tones of the merchandise

The Pica Cube WNC features a unique mix of Warm, Neutral and Cool LEDs to provide beautiful white light with excellent color rendering – ensuring a true presentation of a product’s color scheme. The fixture’s clean, bright light accentuates the quality of the Paige products. Every Pica Cube ships with a set of narrow, medium and wide lenses. Terry and Winters both appreciated having the spread lens options, but after experimentation on-site, they determined that the fixture’s native 13° beam was the proper choice.

The designers used the Warm, Neutral & Cool emitters inside the Pica Cube WNC fixtures to set the color temperature of the light around 4000K. This enabled them to bridge the natural light from the windows and the 2400K color temperature of the Bocci pendant lights that were also designed into the space. The designers were also pleased to learn that Pica Cubes do not produce any Ultraviolet radiation as it was important that none of the light fixtures in the store emit UV to preserve the products from fading or discoloring over time.

Stephen Terry reported that “the quality and brightness of the light output from the Pica Cubes was impressive especially with the small form factor of the fixtures. The lensing flexibility and ease of use was something we considered important as well.”


#2 – Create a design that was different from the ersatz track lighting commonly seen in many retail lighting installations

Pica Cube’s lightweight, compact design played a role in creating the Paige boutique’s brand image. Stephen Terry commented: “The U shaped hanging black bars as clothing racks were an integral part of the design. We wanted the lighting fixtures to be hung on similar bars above the tracks – the way theatrical lights are hung. Pica Cubes gave us the ability to choose not to go with traditional track lighting and hang them from the bars the way we wanted to.”

Working with Rosco Dealer 4Wall – Los Angeles, 17 Pica Cube WNC fixtures were procured in a white powder coat finish and then clamped onto custom-designed, white, U-shaped pipes throughout the store – creating symmetry between the store’s interior design and its lighting design. The lighting design team was also able to avoid unsightly cable-runs by utilizing Rosco’s Pica Portal, which allowed both power and DMX-control data for the fixture to be sent via one single, white CAT5 cable per light.


#3 – Implement energy-efficient lighting

The 24 watt Pica Cube WNC fixtures are energy efficient, making them ideal for sustainable lighting design. The 2.5” x 2.5” x 3.6” (63.5mm x 63.5mm x 91mm) fixture is capable of generating 1005 lumens of output, which is an impressive feat for an LED light that small. The bright output of the Pica Cube WNC units enabled the STLX Lighting Design to obtain the best possible results inside the Paige boutique with fewer light fixtures.

#4 – Ensure that the fixtures are a cohesive part of the overall store design

Whether it be its bright & clean light output, its compact & sleek industrial design, or simply the fact that it is available in a white finish – the features of the Pica Cube WNC enabled the designers to perfectly blend the lighting design and the store’s interior design together. The next time you’re in the Los Angeles area, stop by the Paige boutique to see how they enhance their in-store experience while conveying the brand’s spirit with light.

To learn more about the features and advantages of the products used inside the Paige denim boutique, visit the Pica Cube WNC product page on the Rosco website.

The Rosco Pica Cube - Engineered by The Black Tank
Photos courtesy of Paige



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