A Radiant Glow For The Cross At Shepherd’s Grove

Shepherd's Grove is a church community in Southern California that not only provides live ministries, but they also host broadcasted programming. Shepherd’s Grove worked with Pacific Coast Entertainment to install a new lighting package for a fresh look to their broadcast. The mandate from the beginning was to go all LED as they set out to add lighting to the altar, choir and orchestra – and they turned to Rosco to light the cross, which serves as the centerpiece for both their live and broadcasted ministries.


The cross, which is prominently featured on the altar, was falling flat on-camera and needed a bit of a boost. The team at PCE originally tried to front light it, but they moved away from that technique because of the difficult hanging points in the space and the fact that the wall wash behind the cross was too overpowering. Instead, they decided to back light the cross in a contrasting/complementary color to the back wall's lighting scheme.

The PCE team determined that the most effective way to accomplish this was with LED tape. Knowing that the cross was going to be seen both live and via broadcast, they knew that they couldn’t use just any LED tape though. A.) they knew it wouldn’t last, B.) they weren’t sure they could rely on the color quality and C.) they didn’t know how well the LEDs would perform on-camera (flicker issues, etc.). The team at PCE chose our RoscoLED Tape VariColor Kit to back light the cross because of our three-year warranty and the fact that they knew Rosco’s brand meant high-quality, broadcast-ready color that they could trust.


In the end, the PCE team was thrilled with how fast and easy the RoscoLED Tape installed – they were up and running in minutes. Our plug-and-play RoscoLED Control Box, featuring quick-connect, pre-soldered connectors and all-in-one power & controls, meant there was no soldering onsite, which helped save labor cost. The Shepherd's Grove congregation loves the atmosphere created by the new lights and reports back that their sanctuary has never looked better!

SG3To learn more about the vibrant, versatile lighting solutions that Pacific Coast Entertainment used inside Shepherd's Grove Church - visit the RoscoLED Tape VariColor Kit page on our website.


Joel Svendsen September 05, 2017 Questions?

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