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When it comes to background imagery for feature films and television shows, most art departments would prefer to design and build their own Custom Backdrops. Sometimes, whether it’s due to budget or time constraints, a production just needs a backdrop that works. Rosco offers two solutions for that type of drop – Rental Backdrops and our extensive Image Library. Below are five of our most popular backdrops that art departments turn to time and again to work on their sets.

Rosco Backdrop #C0055

Original Production Designer: Chris Cornwell, Original Art Director: Denny Dugally

This Day/Night backdrop captures the essence of New York and has proven to be one of our most enduring drops. Originally shot on Kodak Ektachrome, this “found” image was captured spontaneously from a hotel room window in lower Manhattan in the late 1990’s for the television show Wasteland. After twenty years, #C0055 remains one of our most popular rental drops later and its raw image has been reprinted numerous times for other productions seeking “the essential New York City backdrop.”


Rosco Backdrop #L0094

Original Production Designer: Maher Ahmad, Original Art Directors: Mark Hunstable & Austin Gorg

Trees in a backyard… sounds pretty basic. In fact, it is totally basic – but, when it comes to backdrop imagery, “basic” isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes, you just need some trees out the window. This is why, since its first use on the feature film Life As We Know It, these trees have been reprinted on multiple occasions, and it’s one of our most requested rental backdrops.


Rosco Backdrop #S0126

Original Production Designer: Bernard Hides

This view of Las Vegas was originally shot for the television show The Strip from a parking structure near the MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas. For obvious reasons, the show needed a commanding view of “The Las Vegas Strip,” which other productions have made use of. Thanks to its iconic imagery, this backdrop has led to a long life of rentals and reprints for almost every TV show set in Las Vegas in the last twenty years.


Rosco Backdrop #L0076

Original Production Designer: Dan Bishop, Original Art Director: Jeremy Cassells

Originally shot for HBO’s cult TV show Carnivale in Simi Valley, California, this sweeping vista has not only played as other various parts of Southern California, it’s also been re-purposed as the plains of Africa and the hill country of India.


Rosco Backdrop #C0238

Original Production Designer: Jeannine Oppewall, Original Art Director: Bob Guerra

This shot of Lower Manhattan originally played as a Washington DC backdrop for the feature The Good Shepherd. An innocent enough image, almost bland in its simplicity, #C0238 is a classic courthouse view that has been seeing service in courtroom dramas ever since.

Lush trees, arid desert or urban cityscape… no matter what kind of view you need out the windows of your set, Rosco has a Rental Backdrop or a background image in our Image Bank that will quickly and affordably suit your needs. Contact our Rosco Backdrops team to find out if we’ve got the right image for your next production!





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