Projecting Room Numbers At The Ritz

Gobos are often used in architecture to project logos or enhance environments with patterned light. This blog post will help you think beyond the logo and imagine how gobos could be used in much broader, functional applications, such as projecting graphic elements or replacing printed signage with projected imagery. A perfect example of this can be seen at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Doha, who used hundreds of Rosco Custom Gobos to project the room numbers inside the hotel.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Doha is one of Qatar’s most luxurious and elegant hotels. Situated on an exclusive island, the 24-story, five-star hotel offers luxurious accommodations that merge contemporary styling with classic Arabic and European design.

The hotel recently underwent a property-wide renovation that reimagined and modernised 374 of its guestrooms to provide guests with the “modern residential luxury” experience Ritz-Carlton hotels are known for. As a part of the renovation, the development team desired a unique way to display the room numbers to the guests as they walked down the corridor. Huda® Lighting, in collaboration with Lucent lighting, installed Rosco B&W Custom Glass Gobos into hundreds of LED gobo projectors to project clear images of the hotel room numbers onto the marble floor right outside the doorway.

Creating gobos with a very small image area – in this case 3mm! – involves a comprehensive procedure to ensure a clear, crisp image.

When the artwork is as small as this, glass gobos are almost always recommended because adding the necessary tabs would be next to impossible to create steel gobo numbers this small. The combination of Rosco’s state-of-the-art gobo technology and its team of gobo experts ensure a perfect gobo – no matter how small the artwork.

Despite the very small image area of these gobos, the numbers are clearly projected from a 3m distance, making it easy for the hotel guests to locate their room.

Rosco’s custom glass gobos are available for any fixture. Our gobo technology ensures superior projected imagery regardless of the design’s complexity. With production facilities in both the US and Europe, Rosco can ensure swift delivery for any size order. For more information, visit our Rosco Custom Gobo Product Page.

Photos courtesy of Huda® Lighting






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