Rosco Miro Cubes Rock!

When Rosco’s Matt Pagliaro isn’t working at his Customer Service desk answering technical questions and processing orders – he’s designing lights for local theatre companies in Connecticut and New York. When he was asked to light a community theatre production of "Rock of Ages," he was both excited and nervous – excited to create high energy rock lighting, but nervous that the venue’s existing lighting setup wouldn’t be up to the task. Thanks to his Rosco connection, Matt found his solution: Miro Cube™ 4C LED fixtures. Read Matt’s story below.

When I began working on the design for Rock of Ages at Square Foot Theatre Company, Director Mike Backes and I both wanted to put on a great show with great lighting to match. We were both worried, however, that this wouldn’t be possible with the venue’s existing fixtures, so we easily added Rosco’s compact and lightweight Miro Cube 4C fixtures onto the theater’s existing grid. The 4-inch Miro Cubes were the perfect shape to sit between the instruments already hanging and didn’t cast shadows when the lights behind them were on.

None of that matters, however, if the color is terrible. Luckily, that wasn’t the case here. The 50 watt Miro Cube 4Cs have a 1200 Lumen output and hold their own next to traditional halogen lamps with gels. They also feature top-notch color mixing and, thanks to the fixture’s quad-color LED chip, the Miro Cube 4C’s beam doesn’t cast the multi-colored shadows you see when using other RGB(W) LED fixtures.

For the “Bourbon Room” (the famous bar and main setting for the show) I used a mix of purples and pinks. Hard rocking songs like “I Wanna Rock” and “Cum On Feel the Noize” received alternating greens and blues, and the stage was bathed in a rich, deep red for “Harden My Heart/Shadows of the Night.” All told, I used nine Miro Cube 4Cs, a handful of small halogen cans, and four lekos. The Cubes were definitely the stars, though, and had an enormous impact on the show as a whole.

From the moment I turned on the first Miro Cube, everyone involved in the production was impressed with how much light and color came from such a small instrument. Director Mike Backes kept saying how the show would not have worked without them and Technical Director Patrick Laffin was ready to buy some immediately for the theatre’s upcoming productions. The goal, from the beginning, was to create an authentic rock show experience onstage, and Rosco’s Miro Cube 4C LED fixtures made that possible.






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