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Dance Branson School Of The Arts is a performing arts studio based in Branson, MO that provides premiere instruction in a number of disciplines, including: ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary and musical theatre. Recently, the school set up an extraordinary program called Dancing With Grace that offers dance classes to special needs children free of charge. This is a dream come true for studio owner Tonya Coker who is able to combine two of her greatest passions together in these classes: ballet and working with kids who have special needs.

One of Tonya’s biggest challenges in starting this new program was finding a dance floor that would hold up to the friction of the wheelchairs. After consulting with Rosco, Tonya discovered our durable and affordable Arabesque® Floor, which turned out to be the right choice for her studio. Whether they’re dancing barefoot or inside a wheelchair, the Arabesque Floor provided the perfect grip and support for Tonya’s dancers.

Dancing With Grace consists of mainly ballet and creative movement dance classes. Adapted to suit the individual needs of each student, Tonya’s dance classes help children improve their coordination and spatial awareness, muscle movement, body strength and flexibility.

Besides the benefits of physical activity, these classes also encourage social interaction and creative expression. Plus, it’s a great way for these awesome kids to make new friends, have fun, enjoy music and express their emotions in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

The program, which started last September, has performed amazingly well and the children have just performed in their first recital! Tonya's passion for leads Dancing With Grace is obvious to anyone who asks her about it. “Dancing With Grace is a great reminder to me of what is important and why I do what I do!!” Tonya reflects. “It’s my favorite class that I have ever taught!! I am so thankful that I am getting to be a part of these kids’ lives!”

Tonya Coker made her career as a dancer and choreographer, and she began teaching dance at age 15. If you would like to learn more about Dancing With Grace, please visit dancebransonschoolofthearts.com for more information. To get details about the dance floor Tonya is using in her studio, visit the Arabesque® Floor Product Page on the Rosco website.







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