Rosco Image Spot® Adds Brilliant Imaging To An Outdoor Light Festival

The charming Baroque town of Schärding, Austria recently concluded their Lichtspiele Rundweg – a series of spectacular & winsome lighting installations that delighted its citizens and its tourists. The light festival gave us the opportunity to work with lighting designer Heinz Kasper who installed our brand new Image Spot™ LED Projectors to project Rosco Custom Gobos onto several buildings around town. This also gave us the opportunity to test the IP65 fixture in both cold and wet conditions during the three-month installation – and the Image Spot passed those test with flying, floral colors!

Kasper used the Rosco Image Spot to project floral custom gobos onto the town’s picturesque façades

A number of different lighting shows were installed along the festival’s circular pathway. Kasper focused on illuminating the town’s vintage façades with floral and natural projections using Rosco’s Image Spot projectors and Rosco custom gobos. “Image Spot is a small projector that creates perfectly clear and bright images on any surface,” he said, and he also let us know that the Image Spot is “a very good tool work with.”

The Rosco Image Spot projects a floral custom gobo onto the Stadtmuseum

In some instances, the fixture could not be positioned perpendicular to Kasper’s desired projection surface, causing a slight distortion to the projected image. Even though the Image Spot’s optics were very precise, some of his gobos required an adjustment known as a keystone correction. By projecting gobo #R77888 Line Up Grid onto the desired space and sending us the resulting image, Kasper provided our gobo team in London with the information they needed to keystone correct the art file and provide a gobo that would project properly.

R77888 Line Up Grid projected (L) and the resulting Custom Gobo perfectly projected (R)

To learn more about the products Kasper used in Schärding, Austria’s Lichtspiele Rundweg, visit the Rosco Image Spot and Custom Gobo product pages on our website.

Heinz Kasper has developed lighting designs for numerous projects in Germany and abroad, including: museums, international light festivals and a variety of architectural projects, as well as temporary exhibitions and other projects related to all genres of the pictorial arts. To learn more about Kasper’s work, visit his website:







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