Introducing Image Spot®
Brilliant Imaging For Your Next Design

Combining the latest developments in LED technology with our experience as the world-leader in gobo manufacturing – we are proud to announce the release of the Image Spot LED Projector. Designed for permanent installation, the Image Spot is the perfect projection fixture for a variety of applications including retail, museums, theme parks, and other hospitality venues. Be sure to read the entire blog to learn how you can win a brand new Image Spot!

Crisp Image Quality

The Society of Light and Lighting logo projected by an Image Spot onto York’s Multangular Tower for the Night of Heritage Light Festival. Photo: David Battersby, MSLL

The Image Spot features a highly efficient optic design that ensures clean, sharp image projection up to 40 feet (12m) away. Whether you need to project attention grabbing imagery, company logos, or simply create texture in a space with breakup gobos – the Image Spot’s high-quality optics provide crystal clear gobo projection for any lighting scheme.

Compact Yet Powerful

The Image Spot’s compact, lightweight design provides an impressively bright output of 3000 lumens using a mere 45 watts of power. Measuring in at 7.8in x 4.8in x 3.2in (198mm x 121mm x 81mm) with a weight of 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg), the Image Spot can be installed anywhere it’s needed.

For Use Indoors And Outdoors

Available in two models – IP40 and IP65 – the Image Spot can be installed in dry or wet locations. This enables designers to not only project corporate messaging inside a lobby or entryway, they can also now easily project restaurant logos on the sidewalk, retail advertising on an awning or even illuminated texture across the façade of a building.

Full Control Of The Beam

The Image Spot features both on-board dimming and DMX control options for full intensity control. The fixture also has three available Lens Optics (19°, 25° and 30°) that allow a designer or technician to choose the proper beam angle for their throw-distance. For designers wishing to use the Image Spot to create spot lighting, a filter kit containing three OPTI-FLECS diffusion filters is available to uniformly shape the beam.

Students from Fulford School used three Image Spots and Rosco standard steel gobos to create this installation for the Night of Heritage Light Festival. Photo: LPA Lighting

“We’re very excited about Image Spot’s introduction to the marketplace. It’s incredibly energy efficient yet compact, with image projection and a throw that’s nothing short of superior,” said Jack Burwick, Product Manager for Rosco’s LED Systems. To learn more about the unique features and capabilities of this new LED projector, visit the Image Spot Product Page on our website.

Tell us in the comment section below how you would put an Image Spot to work in one of your upcoming projects. We will randomly choose the winner from the comments we’ve received on March 31st, 2017. One comment per entrant please. Good luck!
UPDATE 3/31/2017:
Thank you to everyone that commented on this post with their fabulous ideas and uses for our new Image Spot LED Projector! A winner has been chosen from the comments and a notification email has been sent out. Thanks again to everyone that participated.










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66 thoughts on “Introducing Image Spot®
Brilliant Imaging For Your Next Design

  1. Tyler Wonders

    I am the director of a high school theatre program that is only in its third year of productions. The program is at a Vocational Technical School and we do not have access to many aspects other high schools do. We would us this light to supplement our current very basic lighting system. I want to make our program real for our students and with access to newer lighting would be amazing for them!

  2. Benjamin Schultz

    I’d use it in tight spaces where conventional ellipsoidal won’t fit. This would be perfect for projecting gobo patterns in hard to reach places/get sharp angled spreads.

    This would also be perfect for use in the high school I do work for. Perfect for projecting the school mascot/logo at the entrance to the theatre or as a permanent installment to project onto the main drape.

  3. George Watson

    With Joe Biden coming back to the University Delaware campus I need a wow effect for my building during formal events in our lobby area and this would do the trick.

  4. Brett Cummins

    This is an amazing fixture that would add such a powerful touch of elegance to the many weddings and other events I get to be a part of with my company. I’m remastering my lighting rig for 2017 and I’ve been looking for the perfect fixture to display custom gobo creations for my clients. This gets me excited!

  5. Bruce Aleksander

    That’s an awesome addition to our toolbox. This is going to make a lot of folks with architectural applications very happy, not to mention the theme parks. Well done!

  6. Lane Weinberg

    I could use this when I am doing astrophotography to light paint foreground subjects with a breakup gobo; big, soft brush of light and the rocks are hilighted.

  7. Aaron Cole

    It would be awesome to have projector like this that was more portable than an LED leko for projecting scenic elements throughout our space

  8. Morgan Ghan

    I’ve worked with the fine people at Rosco and their equally impressive lights. I would use this light to illuminate a “Rosco Shrine” I’m building in the studio!

  9. Ernesto Moreno

    What a fantastic LITTLE GIANT.
    I have never won anything but it sure will be a great tiny tool to light up my van to advertise my business logo on my vehicles when park even moving why not. That way Ibwont have to buy magnets and or vinyl wraps for my vehicle
    Looks like a great projector for any. business and advertising as well as light shows, theaters and more. I love that is so small it fits in the palm of your hand.

  10. Michael Peterson

    As the owner of an AV production company, the ImageSpot LED would be a truly beneficial lighting instrument to provide specific patterns at our events. Our company specializes in social and corporate events which allows us to use a gobo projector for a variety of different things such as a bride and grooms initials to let them shine on their special day or a company’s logo bright and for all to see. This would truly help us as we also assist on a variety of school productions and more including our many charity events for American Cancer Society, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and many more! Best of luck to Rosco on your product and to all who have entered!

  11. Joel Svendsen

    Thank you to everyone that commented on this post with their fabulous ideas and uses for our new Image Spot LED Projector! A winner has been chosen from the comments and a notification email has been sent out. Thanks again to everyone that participated.

  12. Looks great we are doing a new studio and want to do a logo projection!

  13. Good solution for House of Worship outdoor displays.

  14. Joel Svendsen

    Thanks for the comment Don – we agree!

  15. I can’t wait to put the gobo to use on our domed roof! We were looking for the ‘bat signal’ effect for our Venus de Fido day spa (a spa for people and their dogs) with our logo, it will look like our dancer is playing with her dog! On our roof.. can be seen from over six blocks!!! thanks

  16. Joel Svendsen

    Wow Arleen! We can’t wait to see that! Please share the photo(s) with us once it’s installed –

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