A Global Flooring Solution For Virtual Sets

Rosco Chroma Floor is reversible vinyl flooring designed for digital compositing. Featuring chroma key green one side and chroma key blue on the other, it is quick to install, simple to maintain and easy to store – making it ideal for both permanent and temporary installation inside photography & broadcast studios, as well as the large soundstages for feature films and television shows. Rosco Chroma Floor solves the problem of having to paint (and repaint) the floor each time a studio needs a green/blue screen setup, and it has become the preferred flooring solution for many virtual studios around the world.

Golmud, China

Golmud City TV station in Qinghai Province is just one of the hundreds of virtual studios in China that use Rosco Chroma Floor in their virtual set. They chose it due to its longevity, quick layout, easy maintenance and flawless keying. The floor was supplied by KeNuo, a Rosco reseller who has sold our Chroma Floor to several virtual studios throughout China.

Lahore, Pakistan

Launched in 2015, Channel 24 News HD is the first Pakistani current affairs television channel. Their heavily trafficked virtual studio required a reliable and long lasting floor solution. The blue side of the Chroma Floor met their needs, matching seamlessly with the Rosco Chroma Key Blue Paint they already had up on the walls. Both products were supplied by Rosco’s Middle East dealer Oasis Enterprises.

Mr. Bilal Hasan, General Technology Manager at Channel 24, comments: “I chose Rosco’s Chroma Key Paint and Chroma Floor because of Rosco’s unmatchable product quality and service support. Their vinyl flooring is the most affordable, reliable and easy to maintain product I have ever seen. I advise it as the best solution for 24/7 users.”

Madrid, Spain

When E-Network Salud S.A.U (part of Spain’s National Council of Nursing) created their online nursing channel Canal Enfermero, they lacked sufficient space to build the multiple studios needed to capture their wide variety of programs focused on nursing and health. To overcome this problem they decided to create a virtual set that would allow them to use the same limited space to deliver unlimited content.

They installed Rosco Chroma Floor – green side up – to match the other Rosco chroma key green products in the space, including a Roscotex Chroma Key Cyclorama that covers a large window and Chroma Key Green Paint that’s applied to the adjacent wall.

To learn more about this product and see how it will benefit your upcoming virtual studio project, visit the Chroma Floor product page or contact your nearest Rosco dealer.


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