An American (And His Gels) In Paris

Lighting Designer Steve Woods recently traveled from his home in Dallas to Paris to light a production of – fittingly enough –Texas in Paris. He made the trip with his trusty roll of gel sheets that he named “Rosco,” and documented Rosco’s journey on Facebook as they both made their way to the Festival de l’Imaginaire.

Meet Rosco

Unfortunately, TSA confiscated Rosco’s mailing tube (along with Steve’s after shave), so Rosco had to travel naked. Don’t worry though, this blog post is safe for work.


Rosco is Ready to Board…

…but he is a tad too early! Steve and Rosco enjoy a five-hour layover in New York.


No, We Are Not Lost Rosco

In response to this photo, Daniel T. Willis replied, “I feel like there is a joke to be made about poor Gamwise and Rosco and a ring of power...” We can’t help imagining Steve replying "I can't carry it for you Mr. Rosco, but I can carry you!"


Rosco made it to the hotel. He needs a long nap.

Jet lag is for real everyone – we all feel it Rosco, we all feel it.


Time to do your thing Rosco!


The Show Has Opened!

We love the exchange that was posted on this photo:
E Tonry Lathroum: I hope Rosco did his job.
Steve Woods: Like a champ.
Here are a few stage photos showing Rosco at work

Based on a real concert series that the play’s author, Alan Govenar, produced in 1989, Texas in Paris is "a kind of adventure for an unworldly odd couple of outsider musicians." Osceola Mays (Lillias White), a South Dallas widow and the granddaughter of a slave, travels to France with John Burrus (Scott Wakefield), a former rodeo cowboy and a white Texas man who is sure he has “nothin’ against black folks" to perform.


Rosco And I Heading Home

The pair of weary travelers was home for all of 48 hours before they were off again – this time to Amsterdam to open a ballet. Thanks to Steve – and to Rosco – for sharing their travels with us.

Steve Woods has enjoyed international success as a lighting designer, with productions in Berlin, Moscow, London, Athens, Taipei, Budapest and the XIX Winter Olympics. His designs have been seen at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, The Shakespeare Theatre Company and The Kennedy Center. He is also Professor of Theatre & Chair of the Stage Design Program at Southern Methodist University. You can see more of Steve Woods’ work by visiting his website:

Texas in Paris by Alan Govenar
Directed by Akin Babatunde
Cast: Lillias White & Scott Wakefield
Production Photos: François Guénet








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