The Perception Of Light And Colour In The Llumversació

Llumversació is a light art installation from Maurici Ginés, the Creative Director at artec3, which was presented at dterra gallery in Barcelona, Spain. The exhibit's aim was to "create a new perception of an object through the use of light, in its interaction with materials and filters."

Ginés’ work, which was shortlisted for an Architectural Darc Award, explores what happens when "two colours interact together, and when chromatic additive interference is applied." Llumversació presents a fascinating look at how the "resulting ambiguity creates a new virtual sensation."

Cellular polycarbonate 4mm, honeycomb cardboard, colour filters
Adjustable linear LEDs

Llumversacio consisted of five pieces of light artwork that evolved from Ginés’ "persistent investigations during his years dedicated to light." Three of the pieces feature light projected through panels of cellular polycarbonate and Supergel Colour Filters. The other two pieces combine those same substrates with linear LED strips to produce their own light. The viewer is encouraged to move around these pieces and experience how the hue and intensity of the light varies as their viewing angle changes.

Three pieces of 72x32.5cm
Cellular polycarbonate 4mm, colour filters, aluminium tensors
Projected light

Ginés created Llumversació to be "an analogical experience in an interior space, where light breaks through materials to reveal a magical image and establish a dialogue with the audience." We are honoured that he incorporated Rosco Colour Filters into this captivating exhibit of light art.

Cellular polycarbonate 4mm, colour filters
Adjustable backlight

Maurici Ginés has more than 20 years of experience working with light in different areas. His projects in the urban public space include both ephemeral and permanent installations. Visit the artec3 website to see more examples of his work: If you'd like to learn more about the colour filters Maurici Ginés used to create Llumversació, visit the Supergel product page on the Rosco website.


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