SubFloor For Dance En Sudamérica

The Department of Arts and Humanities at La Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia recently restored a multipurpose room so that they could use it for many classes and events - including dance classes. The university wanted a high-quality sprung floor that would allow the students and instructors to practice ballet and other forms of dance safely. They also needed a floor that could be easily installed and removed so that the room could be used for other classes and activities.

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SEEL, S.A., Rosco’s dealer in Colombia, provided La Universidad de los Andes with a flooring combination that perfectly met their needs: Rosco SubFloor topped with our reversible Rosco Dance Floor. The University now owns over 70 Rosco SubFloor panels that they can easily install into the 43’x25’ space. What makes this sprung floor system unique is that, unlike most other systems, the panels are not adhered to the floor. Instead they float atop cell foam pads that are evenly affixed on the underside of each SubFloor panel, and the whole floor is locked into place by a set of perimeters. This allows the university to install the SubFloor for dance classes one semester – and then remove and store them when they need to hold other classes in that space the next semester.

The Rosco SubFloor panels are made out of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) and feature our patented WaveLock® technology that not only makes the floor it easy to install, it also distributes the foam pads so that the floor is evenly sprung and there are no “dead-spots.”


The university also has Rosco’s reversible Black/Grey Rosco Dance Floor as a top-surface. Commonly known as “Marley Floor,” its matte non-skid finish provides the needed balance of grip and controlled foot-slide for ballet and other soft-shoe dance forms. Rosco Dance Floor is also lightweight and flexible and can therefore be easily installed and un-installed as needed.

The floor inside any dance studio plays a significant role in developing dancers’ skills, as well as influencing they’re overall health and safety. By choosing Rosco’s SubFloor and Dance Floor, Colombia’s most prestigious university has provided a safe and professional environment for their dance students and instructors, while keeping their multipurpose space flexible for other non-dance instruction. Visit our Rosco Dance Floor web page, or contact us for more information.



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