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When broadcasters want to share the view outside their studio with their audience – they have two window-control challenges that they need to overcome: #1: maintaining the proper exposure through the window so that the view isn’t “blown-out” in the background, and #2: balancing the window-light exposure with their interior studio-lighting - especially as exterior lighting conditions change throughout the day. RoscoVIEW has proven to be the solution for both of these challenges in a number of broadcast studios around the world. Have a look at a few of our most recent global projects, including two that are about to be installed in...

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

RV5bRio De Janeiro's Copacabana Beach

RoscoVIEW has been selected by both NBC Olympics and Spain’s RTVE for their coverage of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. Once installed, the RoscoVIEW will allow viewers to see some of the most iconic locations in Brazil and bring the thrill of the Olympics closer to the audiences at home. “Having the RoscoVIEW solution for one of NBC’s prominent outdoor studios will allow our team to show off the stunning beauty of one of the most iconic locations in Brazil, and give the audience at home a glimpse of the action and atmosphere,” said Atila Ozkaplan, Senior Director, Technical Logistics for NBC Olympics. “RoscoVIEW will certainly help us overcome the challenges involved in balancing lighting exposures, when placing a studio outside.

RV4The RTVE crew installing RoscoVIEW into their 2012 Olympic studio in London

Alberto Ibañez, the head of the lighting department at RTVE, remarked: “We installed RoscoVIEW for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London and had excellent results. We were able to use less light output, so less heat was created and the presenters worked more comfortably. For the 2016 Rio Olympics we will have a similar set with windows overlooking Copacabana. There was no doubt that we would use RoscoVIEW again.

Moscow, Russia

Another RoscoVIEW installation can be found inside the studio of Tsargrad TV, a Russian broadcaster located in Moscow that covers mainly Orthodox religious news, programs and talk shows. The Tsargrad TV studio is located in the heart of Moscow and has large windows overlooking the Kremlin. For obvious reasons, they wanted to use those iconic views as their background. Thanks to the RoscoVIEW panels installed on the windows and the RoscoVIEW camera filters installed in all seven of their cameras, one of Moscow’s most emblematic sites is now an engaging part of the Tsargrad TV viewing experience.

RV3Behind the scenes photos of the Tsargrad TV studio

Santiago, Chile


Screen capture from a "Mucho Gusto" broadcast that shows the city of Santiago in the background

Similarly, Mega – a well-known television channel that is headquartered on Avenida Vicuña Mackenna (one of the main transport arteries of Santiago, Chile) – installed RoscoVIEW for their morning program “Mucho Gusto.” They faced the same challenges of controlling the ever-changing light levels in two large windows that face the street. In the past, they had “pasted” Neutral Density filters on the windows. The ND gels, however, had two problems: #1) They eventually would come unglued, which would create bubbles and other problems. #2) The crew was not able to adjust the windows as the light levels changed throughout the morning. RoscoVIEW delivered exactly what they needed – full control of the window-light through the entire morning broadcast, and a perfect view of the bustling Santiago street outside.

The Mega project was installed by Francisco Yañez, from our Chilean dealer Valook, who commented: “Rosco is characterised by delivering solutions that escape the common imagination. This RoscoVIEW installation is impressive not only because of the quality of the product, but also because of the control it allows the technicians.

London, England

RV1The set of ITV's "This Morning"

We recently wrote a blog post about how ITV’s daytime television program “This Morning” used RoscoVIEW to make the most of the stunning views of the River Thames outside their windows. In the past, the crew has struggled with the variation of light coming through the windows – even during the course of a single program. Since installing RoscoVIEW in the windows, they have found that it controls the window-light effectively and allows them to dial in the proper exposure on-the-fly as clouds and other elements change the amount of sunlight coming into the studio.

"This Morning's" Phillip Schofield & Holly Willoughby talk about RoscoVIEW on the air

You know you’ve got an impressive solution when the on-screen talent feels compelled to talk about your product while they're on the air. Imagine the look of surprise on Rosco’s Danny Tomkins' face when he heard the show’s Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby talking about the RoscoVIEW on their set one morning as he was enjoying his morning cup of tea!


No matter where in the world your broadcast studio may be, if there is a skyline or a landmark outside that you want to share with your viewing audience – let RoscoVIEW help you incorporate that vista into the background of your set. Visit the RoscoVIEW webpage to learn more.




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