Achieving The Vision Of Houston Eye Associates

If you have visited an optical shop lately, you might have noticed a trend. Most stores tend to pack as many frames as physically possibly into a dedicated display space. Unfortunately, this tends to confuse and overwhelm the customer, and it certainly doesn’t tell the intended story of the frame designers and brands whose products are on display. When Houston Eye Associates began to design their new Pearland, Texas location, they set out to improve the customer experience by highlighting selected brands using a clean and modern optical display design. Partnering with Browne McGregor Architects, the design team came up with a display concept that “put air” between the products. This allowed the retailers at Houston Eye Associates to single out the most sought after models of the season.

Houston1The initial design utilized cross-illuminated track lighting for the displays. This approach resulted in shadows that were cast onto the back panels, which had a negative impact on the “aired-out” concept they were trying to achieve. The design team sought out a solution that would be more shadow-free and found that the indirect light produced by Rosco’s Custom LitePad HO90 was the perfect solution to the problem. After selecting the right color temperature and intensity, they embedded one LitePad HO90 unit into each side of their optical displays. The enhanced lighting of the LitePads cast a soft illumination across the entire display area. The customized LitePad HO90 solution not only eliminated shadows from the products on display, but its excellent color rendering and 90+ CRI also accentuated the carefully designed hues of each product and helped showcase the craftsmanship that makes each frame unique.

Houston2Houston Eye Associates currently has Rosco Custom LitePads illuminating the optical displays in two of their featured locations, and they plan to continue incorporating them into their future designs. Visit the Custom LitePad web page to see all of Rosco’s customized LitePad solutions and to learn more about this unique lighting solution for your next retail design project.

Design Team: Browne McGregor Architects, Inc.

Charles Browne, Managing Principal
Cory Porter, Principal Architect
Tina Browne, Interior Designer
Ricardo Garza, Intern Architect

General Contractor: Byrd Interior Construction
Millwork Fabricator: American Fixture Cabinet Company, Inc.
Rosco Dealer: Techland Houston

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