Introducing The True UV Of Miro Cube UV365

Rosco’s LED design partners over at The Black Tank have done it again! Behold the Miro Cube UV365 – an amazingly efficient product upgrade to their original Miro Cube black light design. The original Miro Cube UV product featured premium LED chips with a peak wavelength of 385 nm that, when combined with a special UV-Pass dichroic filter, allowed very little visible light to be emitted from the fixture as it created glowing fluorescent effects.

The all-new Miro Cube UV365 delivers 60% more usable black light output than its predecessor. The fixture is tuned to the peak-UV wavelength of 365nm using the latest UV LED chip technology and incorporates a custom, proprietary lens optic. Each unit ships with a narrow 10° optic, and an optional 22° optic is available for a wider beam-spread. The “True UV” generated by the Miro Cube UV365 ensures that all of the emitted energy goes toward exciting the fluorescent objects in its path. When illuminating materials such as Rosco’s Vivid FX UV Special Effects Paint, the results are astounding! Notice the color difference in the drop painted with Vivid FX Paint above. Particularly note how the purple squares are actually purple and the colors are much more vivid.

Lighting designers and technicians have been installing Miro Cube UV fixtures into theme parks, casinos and theatres for the past three years. The Black Tank’s patented thermal management technology ensures that even though the new Miro Cube UV365 provides more fluorescing output, designer and technicians will still be able to take advantage of its original, compact, 4” cube form-factor and its minimal 50W power consumption. Additionally, we’re happy to report, that even though the new fixture, with all of its new features and upgrades, produces substantially more black light output – the cost of the unit is only minimally rising.


If you compare the Miro Cube UV365 to other LED black lights – you’ll note how much better the Miro UV365 renders the fluorescent colors you’re trying to make glow. The graph above demonstrates how much more effective the Miro Cube UV365 is relative to its competition. The vertical axis represents the absolute irradiance or intensity of each fixture. Notice the dramatic difference thanks to the 10,800 mW of UV output produced by the Miro Cube UV365.


Now that you’ve seen the results of the upgrades found in the new Miro Cube UV365, ask yourself – which LED black light fixture do you want use to use to light up your fluorescent scenery, costumes or makeup? Need more proof – contact us or your local Rosco dealer to arrange for a Miro UV365 demo today!

Joel Svendsen May 10, 2016 Questions?

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