Which Dance Floor Is Right For You?

When choosing a floor, there are a number of things to consider. The most critical factor is how it feels to the people who use it. Choosing a dance floor is subjective and really depends on what amount of slide/grip makes the most sense for the style(s) of dance practiced inside the studio.This is why when dance studios contact us for assistance choosing their floor, our first question is “what style of dance is the studio primarily being used for?” Because the answer is ultimately a subjective one - we can't provide a definitive answer. However, listed below are the most popular types of dance along with the type of Rosco Dance Floor we recommend for that particular style.


Choose Dance Floor: Originally developed as our premiere ballet floor, Rosco Dance Floor’s medium slide and grip makes it the ideal surface for dancers of all skill-levels to accomplish the elegance of ballet. Dance Floor's resilience allows the surface to subtly cup dancers' shoes as they go en-pointe.


Choose Adagio: When combined with soft-soled shoes, Rosco's Adagio Dance Floor provides just the right amount of grip and slide for the energetic leaps, kicks and high-intensity dance steps found in Jazz. This floor provides the right balance that both Jazz and Contemporary dancers need to control the flow and gravity in their work.


Choose Dance Floor: The matte non-skid finish of Rosco Dance Floor provides the controlled slip and stability that barefoot modern dancers require. The free, expressive style of modern dance often means the entire body is on the floor. The soft, supple nature of Rosco Dance Floor makes for a comfortable surface that allows dancers to roll, stretch and contort as needed for this evocative dance style.


Choose Adagio: Fast moving feet require a smooth, versatile, and durable floor, which is why we recommend Adagio. This vinyl floor’s unique surface texture lets you shuffle, spin and flap with ease. Adagio’s heavy-duty, rigid structure not only provides the necessary tap sound (that many other vinyl floors muffle), and it’s durable enough to take the abuse that accompanies tap and other hard-shoe styles of dance.

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The above recommendations are meant to be a good starting point for you to select the right Rosco floor. Be sure to visit our website for additional information, or contact the dance floor experts at Rosco and we will be happy to help you choose the floor that’s right for your studio. No matter what type of dance is taught, rehearsed or performed in your studio – Rosco has the right floor for you!



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