Two Ways To Spruce Up Your Dance Studio This Spring Break

If you operate a busy dance studio, spring break is an excellent opportunity for cleaning and re-taping your existing dance floors. If you’re not jet-setting off to a beach-side resort while your students are on break – here are two ways you can use that time to freshen up your studios for the last leg of the dance season.

#1 – Remove the Winter Grime

Even the most stringent “No Street Shoes” policy won’t keep winter’s mucky mix of mud, salt and other damaging contaminants from staining your dance floor. A quick wet mop will help you keep away the top layer of dirt, but during the break – think about a deeper clean with Rosco’s Dance Floor Cleaners. Eight ounces of Rosco All-Purpose Floor Cleaner mixed with a gallon of warm water is all you need to remove moderate-to-heavy dirt build-up on your floor.



If you’ve never given your floor a deep cleaning, consider our Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner. Combing four ounces of this cleaner/stripper with a gallon of warm water will give you the power to remove any-&-all waxes and dirt build-up that have accumulated on your dance floor over the years.




#2 – Re-Tape Your Seams

Maintaining the seams of your dance floor is critically important to maintaining dancers’ balance as they move across the floor. As the tape holding the floor panels together begins to age – the floor underneath can become uncovered, rise up and possibly catch a dancer’s shoe. Use this free studio-time to pull up the old tape and replace it with Rosco’s Vinyl Floor Tape.

TapesThe adhesive used in our Vinyl Floor Tapes is designed to leave minimal residue on your floor when pulled up, and its vinyl construction helps maintain the same top surface texture as the marley so that dancers won’t notice a dramatic shift underneath them as they dance, leap or spin across a seam.

If there is gummy residue from the old floor tape, apply Rosco All-Purpose Floor Cleaner at full strength to a soft cloth and rub the buildup away (NOTE, we do advise wearing rubber gloves to avoid skin contact with the full strength cleaner). Afterwards, rinse the area with clean water and let dry.

Rosco Floor Cleaners and Vinyl Floor Tapes are two great products to have on-hand when you’re ready to revive the dance floors inside your studios. An extra deep-clean combined with freshly taped seams are all it takes to finish up your spring cleaning this spring break – and put a spring back in your dancers’ steps! Visit the Floors and Flooring Products page on the Rosco website to learn more about all of our flooring solutions.

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