Share Your Work – Get A Rosco Mug!



Whether you’re a lighting designer or a scenic painter – you put in countless hours creating your art. We want to make sure you stay safely caffeinated! How’d you like to own one of our Rosco mugs? Here’s how you do it:

For Lighting Designers:

Getting your hands on a Roscolux Mug is easy. Start by clicking here to visit the Share Your Work – Lighting submission form! Fill this out completely and upload any photographs you’ve got that feature Rosco color filters in use on stage in your design.





As you’re filling out the form – be thorough. Your submission will become a part of our Color Resource Gallery. This tool is very useful for designers to research what colors look like on stage. The more detail you can give now may save one of your lighting colleagues some time down the road.


For Scenic Painters:

We’ve also got Rosco Scenic Paint mugs that feature your favorite Off-Broadway, Supersaturated and Iddings scenic paint colors, and it’s just as easy to get one of these painty mugs. Simply click here to visit the Share Your Work – Scenic submission form. Fill it out completely and upload any photographs you’ve got that feature our scenic paints or coatings on stage.


Need inspiration for your next production? Visit our Scenic Resource Gallery and browse through photos that have been already submitted from other scenics. The more step-by-step photos we receive from you – the more photos there are in the gallery to inspire and educate others.

We know how hard you work to set the perfect stage – let us reward you with a one-of-a-kind Rosco Mug. Not only will your images be seen by other designers, technicians and painters perusing our two Resource Galleries, but you may also see your photos in an upcoming Spectrum blog post, or they may be featured on our Twitter, Instagram or Facebook pages. Share photos of your work with us today!


Matt DeLong March 28, 2016 Questions?

About Matt DeLong

Product Manager: Matt DeLong has been at Rosco for 15 years, having started his career at Rosco in Technical Support. Matt later moved into Sales covering the North-Atlantic region before the opportunity came for him to work in Product Management for Rosco's Floor, Fog and Motion Effects product lines. Matt has a background in Lighting Design, Special Effects, Pyrotechnics and Technical Theatre. Matt's stories will take you behind-the-scenes of theatrical productions and themed environments.