Custom LitePad – Museum Exhibit Lighting Has Evolved

Thanks to its slim, 8mm-thick profile and its even, indirect light output, several museums around the world have chosen Rosco’s Custom LitePad to illuminate their exhibits. One of those museums is El Museo de la Evolución Humana (The Museum of Human Evolution) in Burgos, Spain, who has relied on Rosco LitePads to provide their museum exhibit lighting since they opened in 2010.


Museum Exhibit Lighting Rosco Custom LitePads backlight graphics and provide up lighting for ancient skulls.


The largest museum of its kind in the world, The Museum of Human Evolution features an impressive collection of human fossils that were found at the nearby Unesco archaeological site - Atapuerca. Rosco LitePads are used throughout the museum to backlight graphic panels, light up instructional dioramas, and illuminate prehistoric artifacts inside display cases.


Museum Exhibit Lighting LitePads backlight exhibit signage and create a light box to illuminate a diorama.


Francisco Bermejo, the architect at Empty S.L. responsible for developing and implementing the museum’s display design, explains why he originally chose Rosco LitePads back in 2010: “They turned out to be an interesting energy-savings solution. In addition, they allowed us to create light boxes that were only 10 cm thick. This gained us good deal of space compared to the traditional 30 cm fluorescent boxes we had been using.”


Museum Exhibit Lighting LitePads provide backlighting for signage and up lighting for display cases in the exhibits.


Years after their installation, the Rosco LitePads continue to provide engaging, maintenance-free display lighting that brings out the high quality of the museum’s exhibits.


Museum Exhibit Lighting Custom LitePads evenly backlight an evolutionary graphic inside the museum.


Rosco’s Custom LitePads have evolved themselves since 2010, and now include three different types of high-quality, slim-profile LED fixtures:

    • LitePad HO90 provides high, 90+ CRI light output in three color temperatures: 2800K, 4000K, and 5300K
    • LitePad CCT offers variable color temperature control that allows adjustment from 2700K - 6500K
    • LitePad RGB uses tri-color, RGB chips to provide seamless LED color-mixing and uniform colored light across the panel

All three LitePad models are easily installed into any display and can be fabricated into virtually any size or shape. Visit the Custom LitePad web page to learn more about this innovative LED light source and to discover how you can integrate it into your next museum or retail display project.


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