Blithely Haunt Your Set With A Mini-V Fog Machine

Last summer, we celebrated our 5th Blogoversary with some fantastic prizes, one of which was a Mini-V Fog Machine. The lucky winner of that prize was Heidi Hoffer, a scenic designer and Professor of Design at Oklahoma State University’s Department of Theatre. She ended up putting the fogger to work in a production of Blithe Spirit, and she shared with us the results of her big win below.

The Mini-V was positioned on top of a plywood box with its nozzle pointing through a hole that was cut into the back of the set's fireplace. The machine’s compact size allowed it to tuck backstage very nicely. This became important because there wasn't much space behind the set.  This fact, combined with the heavier-than-usual backstage foot-traffic of actors and crew members working a farce, made Heidi very appreciative of the Mini-V's small footprint.

Have a look at the final results! *Spoiler Alert* In the finale of the show, paranormal chaos ensues as tables topple, books and papers fly about the room and – thanks to the work of Heidi's team and the Rosco Mini-V – haunting, spectral smoke rises out of the fireplace.

Oklahoma State Universitys Department of Theatre Production of Blithe Spirit

Directed by Lloyd Caldwell

Scenery by Heidi Hoffer

Lighting by Michael Cole


Joel Svendsen February 25, 2016 Questions?

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