7 Valentine’s Day Gobos We ♥

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, there are symbols that are instantly associated with this amorous holiday – hearts, roses and the winged figure of Cupid, to name a few. It only makes sense that designers would want to incorporate some of these symbols into their Valentine’s Day events, and we have several different gobos that can evoke romance and love for your event. Below are seven of our favorite Valentine’s Day gobos along with some suggestions on how they might be used.

Number 7:


Starting out the list is our sweet Cupid. Let this chubby little cherub shoot some amour into your venue!

Number 6:

Will you be my Valentine? Nothing sets the mood like an array of hearts!

Number 5:


Roses may be over done for Valentine’s Day, but no one ever refuses them either. Whether it’s projected onto the floor or bursting over the walls, this gobo will add a touch of romance into the atmosphere of your event.

Number 4:


With arrows and hearts, our Love gobo is full of passion. This gobo is the perfect breakup to spread Love across the floor or bartop!

Number 3:


Some say falling in love is like the sound of a sweet Symphony. Even if you’re not playing music at your event, this gobo will make hearts sing!

Number 2:


Feeling Butterflies in your tummy? Then you must be in love! This gobo is a great accent to any romantic event!

Number 1:

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without a heart or two…or twenty! This gobo makes a great centerpiece for a dance floor. Dancing inside this pattern is a great way to let your loved one know they are your Heart of Hearts.

No matter if your event is a fundraiser, a school dance or a city-wide singles mixer – these Valentine’s Day gobos will help you create proper mood to get the romance flowing in the room. The above is just a short list of the patterns we have to offer. Visit our gobo web page to see all of the designs we have available for your next event.




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