Bailando Después Del Fuego

How Santiago's Teatro Municipal Restored Their Dance Studios
With Rosco Performance Floor


El Teatro Municipal de Santiago de Chile


A 2013 fire inside El Teatro Municipal de Santiago de Chile caused significant damage and left the Santiago Ballet’s rehearsal room in ruins. Two years later, the theater now has three new studios, two of which are specifically designed as rehearsal spaces for dance.


Working with Rosco’s Chilean dealer Valook and the Santiago Ballet, the theater chose Rosco Performance Floor for their two dance studios because this durable, abrasion resistant floor is ideal for all forms of dance and is designed for permanent installations.


Valook successfully installed 12 rolls of Performance Floor into the two studios in December, enabling the Santiago Ballet to practice their pas de bourrées, jetés and pliés in their beautifully restored studios as the New Year began.


Chile7 Rosco's Eric Tishman poses with the Valook team.


Francisco Yañez, Valook’s Product Manager, comments:  “We are very happy with the results and express our gratitude to Santiago’s Teatro Municipal for allowing us to bring Rosco's innovative technology and quality flooring products into their space, and into our country.  Rosco is a brand with over 100 years of experience in creating innovative solutions and quality products that both ensures a good result for the end user and ideal working conditions for any kind of project."  Yanez continues:“Rosco and Valook have an excellent relationship thanks to the many years we've spent working together. This allows us to explore different types of projects utilizing Rosco's wide-range of products to deliver optimal results and first class service to our customers.”

To learn more about how this floor might work in your upcoming dance studio or rehearsal room renovation, visit the Rosco Performance Floor website.

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