Five Reasons You Want To Get Your Hands On Rosco’s New Pica Cube

They say that “good things come in small packages.” Rosco’s new Pica Cube LED fixture is proof of that. Designed by The Black Tank, Pica Cube is the next evolution of their popular cube form-factor, and becomes the smallest member of the Rosco/Black Tank Cube Family of LED fixtures. Below are five reasons why you’ll want to work Pica Cubes into your upcoming designs.

1.) They Are Astonishingly Bright

Occupying a minuscule 2.5” x 2.5” x 3.6” (6.4 x 6.4 x 9.1 cm) footprint and weighing less than one pound (0.45 Kg), the Pica Cube packs an impressive punch from one of the world’s smallest lighting fixtures. “Most LED fixtures this size are unimpressive, 5W fixtures that don't produce enough output to be useful in our industry,” says The Black Tank’s VP of Engineering Mike Johnson. A combination of state-of-the-art emitters and incredibly efficient lens optics inside the Pica Cube deliver an impressive and extremely useful volume of light.  Utilizing The Black Tank’s patented thermal management technology, the 20W Pica Cubes are capable of producing output that is comparable to fixtures 2X – 3X their size.  You will truly be amazed by the output!


2.) They're So Small - You Can Install Them Anywhere

For the past three years, lighting designers and architects have taken advantage of the feature-rich capabilities of Rosco Miro Cubes to solve diverse and challenging lighting requirements in museums, live entertainment and hospitality venues – but even the 4” Miro Cube was too big for several projects. Pica Cube’s compact, lightweight, unobtrusive form-factor enables designers and technicians to install Pica Cubes anywhere they need them – window displays, theatrical sets, bright truss-warmers for smaller truss, inside museum displays and exhibits, on-board theme park dark rides, and lighting the products inside retail stores… just to name a few. The included mounting bracket allows the fixture to be mounted onto any flat surface, while optional track mounting accessories and other available hardware for mounting in strips or arrays are also available.


3.) They Provide You With The Type Of Light You Need: White Light/Colored Light/ Black Light

PicaFamThe Pica Cube is available in the same three models as the Miro Cube:

  • WNC - tunable white light with a rich, full color space from 2700K to 6500K
  • 4C - RGBW quad-chip delivering superbly saturated colors, half-tones and pale tints
  • UV - 365nm peak wavelength for vibrant black light effects

In addition, Pica Cube will also be available in two new, non-variable white light variants of the WNC: the Warm White (2700K) Pica Cube 3W and the Neutral White (4000K) Pica Cube 3N.


4.) They Are Easy For You To Power And Control

PowerPica Cubes are able to be powered via a wall-wart transformer and controlled via DMX/RJ45 cables. However, not wanting to take away from the fixture’s sleek, compact design, the engineers at The Black Tank designed a solution that would eliminate the need for two cable runs to the fixture. Their solution is the Pica Portal, which can be deployed to provide power and control signal to 4 Pica Cubes utilizing individual runs of Cat5 cable. This configuration makes for the simplest, most efficient set-up possible - while providing clean, streamlined installation for architectural and exhibit/display applications.


5.) They Are Mobile And Ready To Go Wherever You Go

An intuitive user interface on the back of each Pica Cube allows manual operation with fixed color/color temperature settings, color washes and scrolls, or configuring for remote DMX operation. Just a few pushes of the bump pads and twists of the selector knob and Pica is ready to go!


Please visit the Pica Cube web page to see a complete list of features, specifications and to download supporting technical documents.

Joel Svendsen January 26, 2016 Questions?

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