The Top 5 Spectrum Blog Posts of 2015

We’ve gone through all the stats and we’re proud to announce The Top-5 Spectrum blog posts for 2015 - according to you, our loyal Spectrum readers!

#1 Creating Custom Candle Holders For Hamilton

Top5_1Seeing that Hamilton the Musical is the #1 hit on Broadway, it’s no surprise that it’s also the #1 hit on Rosco Spectrum. It also didn't hurt to have the show's creator and star, Lin-Manuel Miranda, tweet the blog out to his loyal Twitter followers too! You’ve got to see what all the fuss is about!  Be "in the room where it happens" and see how props-master Jay Duckworth used a “drill-press lathe” to carve 160 foam candle holders that he coated with Rosco FoamCoat for this popular production.


#2 SoftDrop

There were two Spectrum posts about our new SoftDrop backings for feature films and television shows this past year – both of which made the Top-Five! Rosco SoftDrop: The Easiest Backdrop Ever featured Cinematographer Mike McMurray introducing this innovative solution for adding background scenery to your set.

Top5_3Now that you know what SoftDrop is – take a look at how it was used! Seamless, Fabric SoftDrops Come Up BIG! As They Transport Stonewall Back To 1969 features how the filmmakers on the feature film Stonewall used a gigantic SoftDrop to recreate New York’s Greenwich Village in 1969.


#3 Conquering Color Correction

Top5_5This post is about every photographers struggle…achieving the proper color of light in their photos. Photographer Andy Van den Eynde shares how he used Rosco’s Color Correction Filter Kit to adjust the light for his perfect shot.

Our last two posts came as a surprise because they were only published a few short weeks ago. Both posts have not only barreled their way onto the Top-5 list, but they’re still moving up!


#4 How To Paint A Green Screen Treadmill In 3 Steps

Top5_6Showing how you can paint pretty much anything in green screen, this post will leave you green with envy. Using CrystalGel, Tough Prime and Rosco’s Chroma Key Green Paint, filmmaker Jose Mojica shares his step-by-step process on how to make your own green screen treadmill.


#5 Miro Cubes Light The Rare And Luxurious On The Miracle Mile

Top5_7Speeding up the track after only being live for two short weeks, this post crosses the finish line at #5. It’s easy to see why the story is so popular - lighting designer Chris Werner used over 850 Miro Cubes and almost two miles of DMX Rosco Track to illuminate the exotic cars on display inside the Petersen Automotive Museum.

Make sure to continue following Spectrum in 2016 and keep an eye out for your favorite blog posts. We promise to continue bringing you interesting and informative stories. Do you have a story that you think belongs on Rosco Spectrum? We’d love to see it! Send your stories to us and who knows… it may just end up in next year’s Top-5!

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