Opening The Door To South America

Recently, Eric Tishman - a 27-year Rosco-veteran - was appointed to our International Business Development Group to oversee Rosco’s growth in South America. One of Eric’s primary goals was to visit the thriving market in Chile and call on our Santiago dealer Valook SA. Eric learned that the Valook team - and their customers - not only wanted to learn more about our core products like gels & gobos, but also other Rosco innovations that were new to Chile.


Chile4 Eric presents some of Rosco’s core theatre products to the Valook staff


Valook is a sales company that services two of Rosco’s markets in Chile - Live Entertainment and TV Broadcast. Jessica Lopez, Valook's CEO and General Manager, invited Eric to Santiago to train the company's sales staff on the new Rosco products, along with a refresher on the traditional ones.


Chile2 Stephen Spendiff demonstrates RoscoVIEW from Toronto via GoToMeeting


There are several Rosco products that haven’t made their way down to Chile yet. In order to effectively present these products to the Valook team, Eric called-in Stephen Spendiff, Rosco’s Senior Product Manager. Stephen, who is based in Toronto, spoke to the team via streaming video to introduce products such as dance floors, projection screens and RoscoVIEW.


Lighting designer Yuri Canales takes a close look at a B&W glass gobo


The rest of the week Eric joined Alejandro Cortez, Valook’s Sales Manager, to put what they'd learned to work. Together, Eric and Alejandro visited theaters and TV stations throughout Santiago in order to make them aware of the full scope of Rosco's product range.  One of their visits took them to the Teatro Municipal de Las Condes where lighting designer Yuri Canales stated, "I know the Rosco brand, in fact I use many of their products here in this theater - but clearly, Rosco is more."  Eric and Alejandro had so much success introducing Rosco products there that the theatre decided they needed a quote on a new Rosco Dance Floor!


Chile3 Eric explaining Permacolor and OPTI-FLECS to the lighting staff at Canal 13


Eric and Alejandro also visited Orlando Terriferri, the lighting director at Canal 13, one of the oldest TV stations in Chile. Understandably, Terriferri and his team were interested in talking about Rosco's Cinegel correction and diffusion filters as they have been offered by Rosco for many years in Chile. Everyone on Terrifeffi's lighting team was also eager to learn about filters that were new to them, such as our range of Permacolor dichroic glass filters and our all-new OPTI-FLECS LED Enhancement Filters.


Chile6 Lighting Director Orlando Terriferri testing the LitePad Vector with a light meter


However, it was the non-filter Rosco products that really captured the attention of the lighting crew at Canal 13. Products like RoscoVIEW, SoftDrop and LitePad Vector solved many of the issues they've had - controlling the light in their windows, providing background imagery in their sets and lighting their studio.


Chile7 Eric Tishman and the staff at Valook


Eric's visit to Santiago not only solidified Rosco's relationship with Valook, it also reawakened the Chilean market's interest in our products - both the traditional gels and gobos they've been using for years, but also a whole new range of solutions that Valook's customers need. When asked how it went, Eric replied  "The purpose of the visit was two-fold. First I wanted to make Valook understand that they're a part of the Rosco family. Second, I wanted Valook and its customers to know that Rosco's not just about offering a good product, we also want to deliver the right solution. I feel we successfully accomplished that."

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