The Bright Red Heart of Almere’s City Mall

The City Mall located in Almere, Netherlands houses multiple shopping and service-related businesses, and has become a pulsating, futuristic space in the heart of the city. As with many architectural projects of this size and stature, designers and developers look for striking, yet functional elements that serve as statement pieces within their projects – and the Almere City Mall was no different.

City Lighting

At the center of the Mall’s pavilion, shining out like a beacon in the night, is a bright red staircase connecting the upper and lower levels of the shopping center. This bold statement is the work of master-architect Rem Koolhaas from OMA who contacted Gerrit Schottert at Lumen Solutions looking for something that “would work in an outdoor environment, was slimline and would install easily into the frame’s structure.”  Koolhaas ended up integrating 120 Rosco Custom LitePad® RGB LED fixtures to beautifully illuminate the staircase that escorts shoppers from the areas below ground, to the vibrant outdoor landscape that is the City Mall of Almere.

The LitePad units that Koolhaas chose were the right choice both aesthetically and operationally. The installation faced a unique set of challenges, as the LitePads needed to withstand the elements of Almere’s cold and humid location on the Dutch coast, as well as the regular jet washer cleaning by the Mall’s maintenance staff. Additionally, the LitePads needed to be installed flush to the underside of the stairs, yet still allow space for power and dimming controls. The robust, durable design of the LitePads, along with their slim 10mm profile made them the perfect choice for this project.

City LightingIn the end, Rosco LitePad RGB helped Koolhaas and his design team turn an ordinary staircase into a breathtaking experience at the heart of the City Mall.

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