4 Gift Ideas For Designers, Technicians and Photographers

The gift-giving season has officially arrived and Rosco's very own holiday elf – Chad Tiller – shares his favorite gift ideas for the designer, technician or photographer in your life.


#1 - A 3" x 6" Super Swatchbook

These swatchbooks, which are four-times larger than the books most designers & technicians have on-hand, will help any color fanatic on your list find their next favorite Rosco color filter. The swatchbooks are 3"x6", which allow the gels inside to cover small light fixtures, flashlights or small strobes to give designers, technicians and photographers a better sense of which color is right for their project. These SUPER swatchbooks are available in Roscolux, Cinegel and e-colour+.


#2 - A Rosco Flash Pack

These speedlight-sized gel kits allow the photographer in your life to add vibrant hues or subtle tints of color – quickly and easily – to their photography. Whether your photographer shoots portraits, product photography or enjoys light painting at night – there is a Flash Pack for them! Available in four packs: Beauty – CalColor™ – Digital After Dark® and our ever-popular Strobist™ Collection.


#3 - GaffTac 2" Gaffer Tape

Everyone loves gaffer tape. Everyone. If you're searching for a useful gift that your technician, designer or photographer will use every day – get them a roll of Rosco GaffTac Gaffer Tape. In fact – get them several rolls. Black is the most useful, but our 2" GaffTac Gaffer Tape is also available in White and Grey. Designed to meet the everyday challenges faced by professionals in theatre, television, filmmaking and photography, GaffTac Gaffer Tape can be used for almost any application... including hanging up the decorations and wrapping gifts!

#4 - A Rosco Custom Gobo

Nothing says you care more than projecting how you feel in light - and the possibilities are practically endless when it comes to Rosco Custom Gobos. A custom steel gobo of your special someone's name or their company logo perhaps, or you could turn that special photo you both love into a glass B&W or Full-Color gobo. You can also design your own gobo-ornament for the Christmas tree.

We wish you good cheer this holiday season and hope you find these gift ideas useful to make your technician, designer or photographer's holiday memorable.

Chanda Goldsworthy November 27, 2015 Questions?

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