3 Important Product Updates To Delight Filmmakers and Photographers

Rosco just updated and upgraded three of its most popular products for filmmakers and photographers: its LitePad LED Fixtures, and its DigiComp and Chroma Key Digital Compositing Paints. All of the changes made to the products were inspired by direct feedback we’ve received from the marketplace, and result in products that are easier to purchase, easier to use and provide higher-quality production values to your next project.

Rosco LitePad:  Now Featuring High CRI Emitters – At the Same Great Price

Filmmaking and photography professionals demand light sources with excellent color rendering. In order to meet that demand, our standard LitePad LED fixtures now feature high CRI (90+) emitters. To reflect this improvement, we have changed the product names of our standard LitePads:

LitePad HO+ is now LitePad HO90
LitePad Axiom® is now LitePad Axiom® 90


Not only does the LED technology inside the new HO90 & Axiom 90 LitePads provide cleaner, high-CRI output with excellent R9 values, but it is also more power-efficient. The new LitePads use 1/3 less power – without losing any brightness. This means longer battery life without sacrificing output. Both HO90 and Axiom 90 are available in a daylight color temperature (5300K) and will be made available inside our popular LitePad Kits. Visit our LitePad web page to learn more.

Perhaps the most exciting part of this announcement is the fact that LitePad HO90, Axiom 90, and all of the LitePad Kits, will remain at their current pricing levels. This allows our LitePad customers to realize all of the advantages of these amazing LED upgrades – without a price increase.


DigiComp Goes Hi-Def


For the past ten years, Rosco’s DigiComp® paint has been recognized as the standard for digital compositing. One of the biggest requests we’ve had over the years is to make DigiComp easier to use and make it cover more evenly and effectively. In response to the customer feedback, we have successfully created DigiComp® HD - a formulation of the paint that is much easier to apply. DigiComp HD, which is available in both green and blue, provides precise, high-gain coloration filmmaking professionals need for digital compositing; and now, in most cases, it provides complete coverage in just two coats!

This video, which offers up some helpful tips on how to paint a green or blue screen with DigiComp HD, also showcases the impressive, even coverage of the new fomulation.


Chroma Key Now Available in Convenient and Affordable Quarts

With the growth of online video sites like YouTube, and technologies like iMovie that make it very easy to utilize digital compositing, there is more demand for green & blue screen paints than ever before. However, many of these "small-screen filmmakers" don’t need a full gallon of our paint, so we've made buying Rosco's world-famous Chroma Key green and blue paints easier than ever before - by making them available in convenient and affordable quarts!  Quart-sized containers of Rosco Chroma Key paints are the perfect solution for anyone that needs to paint a green screen in their garage or office, props and/or furniture that they need to key out, or an area inside a small insert-stage.

Whether you're shooting a multi-million dollar feature film, a commercial ad or a goofy video for YouTube, all three of these product updates will make it easier for you to capture the image you desire and achieve your production goals.

Joel Svendsen November 24, 2015 Questions?

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