Introducing the New Silk 210 Lighting So Attractive It Even Makes Radio Look Good

Rosco’s brand new Silk™ 210 LED fixture is specifically designed for image capture professionals that demand extremely color-accurate, high-quality, soft light. Utilizing proprietary, state-of-the-art, tungsten & daylight balanced emitters, the Silk 210 produces a high volume of broad-spectrum white light. With TLCI, CRI and R9 metrics in the high 90's, the Silk 210 is capable of producing 2400 Lux @1M, a color temperature range of 2800K - 6500K, and an enticingly soft light output that gently embraces its subjects.

We were thrilled to find out that one of the first productions to use our new Silk 210 involved lighting designer Martin Labrecque who reported that he wanted to use them to light a Montréal radio show called La soirée est (encore) jeune. We've witnessed some magical lighting design from Labrecque thanks to his work on Cirque Du Soleil - but lighting for radio?  This was a project we had to learn more about.

It turns out that the producers needed to re-broadcast the show on ARTV.  However, in our discussion with Martin about the project, we found out a little bit more about why Labrecque chose Silk to light up the show.  "Guillaume Lesperance, the show's producer, called and told me: 'We have to do the set up every Saturday because it’s in a bar.  So, the set up must be very fast, we will only have one technician, there is no lighting board, the electric power is very limited (because we’re in a bar) and we have a very small budget, how can you help us?"

Martin Labrecque turned to Cinepool in Montréal who, along with Rosco's Denis Levesque, introduced him to Rosco's new Silk 210.  Martin's number one concern was finding an attractive light that made the show's handsome radio personalities look good on camera.  The super-soft, ultra-smooth, optically-clean output of the Silk was exactly what he needed for that.  But, there was also Lesperance's additional list of requirements to comply with as well.


"For me, the Rosco Silk was the only option I had."  Seeing that they only had one technician and no lighting board, the Silk 210's easy-to-use, on-board controls were perfect.  The unit's low power consumption (maximum = 120 watts!) met their power requirements, and the fixture was well within their budget!



Once Martin arrived on-location, he learned about two other lighting challenges the space posed.  "Thank goodness the Silks are small - the ceiling is only a 10’ high!  Plus, they had huge windows behind the talent.  The Silks were not only bright enough to balance with the window exposure, but I could set the color temperature exactly where I wanted."

Martin Labrecque ended up lighting the show with six Silk 210 fixtures and he was incredibly pleased with the results.  Perhaps Cinepool said it best on their Facebook page: "So many beautiful people around the same table, and yet, it is the Silk 210 from Rosco that steals the show on the set of La soirée est (encore) jeune!"

Martin Labrecque was just the first of many to use the Silk 210 to illuminate the talent on his set.  There are several more stories coming.  Want to be next?  Tell us your story - share how you light up your next project with the Rosco Silk 210.

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