A Hedonistic Glow - LitePad® Creates The Upscale Identity of a London Wine Store

The Mayfair District in London is a carnival for the rich & powerful, and its shops are temples to the luxury goods they contain inside. Among those Mayfair shops is Hedonism Wines – a sophisticated boutique whose exclusive, high-end offerings have turned it into a mecca for the wine and spirits enthusiast.

The lighting designers at Speirs + Major used light to create the store’s upscale identity and to develop its glowing character. They knew going in that, in order to facilitate the optimum temperature for its products, the store would be lit 100% with cool-running LEDs.

One of the major design goals of the project was to imperceptibly integrate the lighting into the architecture – maintaining the customer’s focus on the merchandise, not the light fixtures. With three levels of premium product to illuminate, the design team turned to Rosco’s Custom LitePad and its slim (8mm), easy-to-install form-factor to backlight the bottles.

The design of the light is intended to bring out the best in the merchandise. This meant that the designers at Speirs + Major needed a versatile solution that would allow their client the freedom to backlight an ever-changing mixture of fine Red, White and Rosé wines alongside some of the most sought after Champagnes, Whiskeys, and Cognacs.

To accomplish this, the design team specified LitePad CCT whose variable colour temperature control (3000K – 6000K) made it the perfect choice for backlighting every bottle to perfection. Preset colour temperature control allows the client to make interior design changes quickly, easily and very, very affordably.

Hedonism Wine’s posh location in the Mayfair District necessitated unique and luxurious lighting. Speirs +Major delivered a design that showcases their extravagant products with elegance and panache. We are thrilled that they chose Rosco LitePad to be an integral part of this project.

Photo Credit: Matt Wiseman

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