Enhancing ITV’s Morning VIEW

We recently completed the installation of RoscoVIEW into the new set of This Morning on ITV. Filmed inside Studio 8 of The London Studios, the show features a vibrant mix of showbiz news, fashion, cooking, gardening, travel, and DIY tips – all with stunning morning views of the River Thames in the background.

Richard Jack, the series director for the show, had this to say once the RoscoVIEW was in place: "We were looking for a system that would allow us to make the most of our amazing view over the Thames; but we're on air throughout the year, and we've had real problems in the past with the variation of light coming through the windows throughout the seasons, and even during the course of a single programme.”

On the set of "This Morning" for ITV

“The RoscoVIEW solution addresses our need perfectly: shot by shot we can dial in exactly the amount of daylight we want, ensuring that the view outside looks as good as it possibly can in all weather conditions.”

On the set of "This Morning" for ITV

“We looked at several 'smart window' solutions - but RoscoVIEW was the only one we felt matched our needs. The product has given us the control we need to create the look we wanted - and the support from the team at Rosco has been outstanding."

If you want your viewing audience to see the action that’s outside of your broadcast studio – contact us and let us help you share your view with RoscoVIEW!

Tom Swartz September 22, 2015 Questions?

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