Adagio Floor – Ten Years of Stellar Performance

My name is Lori Hall and I am the director of Can Dance Academy in Mississauga, Ontario.  I have Rosco Adagio flooring in both of my studios and just wanted to let Rosco know how their floor has stood up to 10 years of dance abuse.  Twice a year we clean the floor with Rosco’s Heavy-Duty Floor Cleaner and it looks as good as new….as good as the first year after a few classes!  We keep our studio fresh and wash the floor with Rosco’s All-Purpose Floor Cleaner twice weekly during the dance season.  I recommend this floor.  It looks good, it feels good and the students enjoy it.



About Stephen Spendiff

Senior Product Manager and Staging Market Manager: Stephen's experiences before Rosco included training in production management that he put to use in theaters, theme parks and television commercials. Starting in 1986, Stephen's career at Rosco has included many different job descriptions including sales, dealer relations, workshops, marketing and, most recently, a focus on product and operational development associated with our Custom LitePad, Rosco VIEW and laminated products. Stephen's focus and in-depth product knowledge of paint & coating products and dance floors will be reflected in his stories about the staging, scenery and dance markets.