Wachtendorf Rocks! Thanks to atmospheric effects from Rosco’s V-Hazer

German forklift distributor Wachtendorf, got together with AFV Media Productions to make a killer commercial featuring their equipment in a performance that is part Blue Man Group, part STOMP - and all awesome!

To create the rock concert atmosphere, and to showcase the products and the performers from Germany’s Drumband des Heide-Musikzug, AFV used the Rosco V-Hazer to give definition to the beams from their lighting rig and to build deep, vibrantly colored backgrounds with light.

The V-Hazer was chosen for its smooth output and quiet operation. Plus the filmmakers knew that they didn’t have to worry about sticky residue deposits on their expensive cameras and lenses thanks to the water-based formulation of the V-Hazer Fluid.

Click here to learn more about the Rosco V-Hazer and to see why it’s the perfect choice for creating smooth, quiet, and clean haze for feature film and television productions and broadcast studio environments.


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