Rosco SoftDrop
The Easiest Backdrop Ever

Rosco’s Academy Award® winning Backdrops are now available in a woven, all-natural, cotton fabric called SoftDrop®. Available in all of our Frontlight, Backlight or Day/Night Backdrop technologies – SoftDrop® offers a number of features that make it the perfect background choice for any broadcast studio, or television/feature film production.

This video, starring cinematographer Mike McMurray CSC, showcases all of the features Rosco’s new SoftDrop® technology has to offer including how SoftDrops are…

The printing technology used to produce SoftDrops offers seamless backdrop sizes up to 40’H x 170’W, allowing filmmakers to confidently shoot their scene from any angle without worrying about a seam ending up in the shot.

The ultra-matte surface of SoftDrops means Cinematographers no longer need to worry about hot spots and lamp reflections. Plus, SoftDrops require fewer lamps to backlight for night effects, which results in significantly reduced set up time and power consumption.

SoftDrops are folded into convenient, standard shipping containers, which eliminates the extraordinary shipping & handling issues of the extra-long and extra-heavy tubes that traditional drops typically ship in. The cotton SoftDrops also weigh a lot less than traditional vinyl drops and their wrinkle-resistant properties make them ready to use right out of the box. All of this equals less pre-production time, effort and cost for rigging crews to hang SoftDrops on set.

Filmmakers have already begun using SoftDrops in their projects. Will you be next? Contact us to see how easy it is to integrate a Rosco SoftDrop onto the set of your next production.






About Tom Swartz

Film, Video and Broadcast Market Manager: Prior to joining Rosco, Tom enjoyed over 25 years of production lighting while working for major television networks and feature film production companies. Tom served as Managing Director of Rosco Canada since 1997, but his true passion lies in face to face engagement with gaffers, cinematographers and lighting directors. Tom's stories will reflect the trends and product developments he accumulates while visiting feature film sets, television shows and broadcast studios around the world.

8 thoughts on “Rosco SoftDrop
The Easiest Backdrop Ever

  1. very interested to know more about the Soft Drop and lighting solutions – thanks Andrew

  2. Joel Svendsen

    Andrew –

    You should contact our UK SoftDrop specialist Canna Gray:
    +44 (0)7515747 156
    She should be able to answer any of your questions. I’ll pass your comment on to her as well and have her reach out.

    When you speak to her, make sure you ask about our upcoming SoftDrop event at Pinewood Studios on September 23rd.

    – Joel

  3. Adeep Tandon

    It’s really interesting & would love to know more about it like cost factor,availablity in India,delivery time and whether it’s possible to have Indian scenes incorporated.

  4. Joel Svendsen

    Adeep –

    Thank you for the kind words and for your interest in our SoftDrop backdrops. The best way to get the information you’re looking for is to make contact with our account rep. for India. His name is Andreas Dessloch, and you might have met him at Broadcast India:

    I’m forwarding your comment, inquiry and contact information to Andreas right now as well. He should be in touch with you soon.

    – Joel

  5. Carissimi tutto della ROSCO, vi ringrazio di tutte le belle cose che ci fate vedere e con le quali state vicino a noi Autori della fotografia,
    Roberto Girometti

  6. Joel Svendsen

    Caro Roberto Grazie per le belle parole che hai speso per noi, Facci sapere se hai qualsiasi domanda riguardo al nostro SoftDrop.

  7. Hi, im Pablo Fridman from Argentina i would like to know more about Rosco Soft drop, and if its possible to get here.

  8. Joel Svendsen

    Pablo –
    Thanks for your interest in Rosco SoftDrop. We have forwarded your inquiry to Eric Tishman – our South American Business Development Manager. He will know the best way to facilitate getting SoftDrops into Argentina.

    Eric should be in touch with you shortly. If you would like to reach him directly, his email is

    If you end up installing SoftDrops in your Telefe studios – we’d love to see them. Please share pictures with us at

    – Joel

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