Miro Cubes Take The Ice With The Dallas Stars

The team at Gemini Light Sound & Video installed over two dozen Rosco Miro Cube™ 4C fixtures into a custom star shaped truss to create this stunning entry portal for the Dallas Stars hockey team.

Gemini Light Sound & Video was challenged to find a fixture that could not only be mounted inside the truss, but also had enough light output to produce bold lighting effects as the players take the ice. Thanks to the patented heat-management system designed by The Black Tank, the 4" Miro Cubes pack the most lumens per square inch of any competing LED fixture - making the Miro Cube 4C the perfect fixture to score achieve this goal.

Learn more about the fixture by visiting the Miro Cube™ 4C web page.

Matt DeLong June 08, 2015 Questions?

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